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When I was younger, I had a Dream. It was so magical and so real I could almost melted into it. Every night when I went to sleep, I thought Please let me have the Dream. And every night, the Dream came to me. The Dream’s name was Juris. He glowed a bright orange and was exceedingly handsome. He taught me how to conquer my fears. He was the embodiment of all things good. Juris stood by my bed and I knew he was there because I felt safe. Juris protected me from Ikoer. Ikoer, the Man of Fright, liked to give me bad dreams. He scared me until I wet my bed and called out for my mommy. I was five then. They said I made things up, but they knew, later when I was ten, they saw Juris and Ikoer. Juris used the Power of Dream to fight with Ikoer and Wish him away. One summer day, I couldn’t sleep because I could feel Ikoer. He wanted me to sleep to Nightmare me and listen to my screams. He pulled the covers off my bed and slapped me violently. I screamed for Juris to come and Wish him away again. I felt Juris there all of a sudden. I could feel, like every night, the powers of Dream and Nightmare battling. But something was… off…
The powers grew and grew. I felt Dream and Nightmare swirling my head. I saw images of cute twin girls in flouncy dresses, and then they were on fire. I saw a beautiful wood, and then it was cut down. I saw peaceful sheep, and then I saw sheep skeletons. I saw Juris and Ikoer blasting Nightmare and Dream until there was a tornado in my room. I was scared and happy all at once. Finally, some kind of dream barrier broke. Juris and Ikoer, my Dream and Nightmare, fell onto my floor. I could touch them; see them clearly instead of through a hazy mist. Ikoer sprang from my floor and pounced out my open window. Juris gave me a forlorn smile and followed him. To this day, I don’t know what happened to Juris or Ikoer. I see them both in my sleep sometimes. I feel them with me sometimes. I tried to tell my parents for years afterward. They called me insane and mocked me behind my back.
I have no idea how it happened. I was awake one night trying to contact Juris, and he was there. He said nothing but simply touched my forearm, winked and pounced away. A tingle spread through my body and I became a Dream. I’m fully a Dream like Juris, but I am half mortal and half Dream. I understand it now, the why, the how, the what. I prowl the darkest ends of Earth for fear and replace it with contempt. I am nothing, yet I am everything. I am a Dream. 

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