The Bully

May 9, 2013
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The Bully

Crack! You could hear it as it echoed through the school the blood started pouring down his face as he began to lose consciousness everything was going dark. To understand what’s going on you will have to start from the beginning.
It all started in a little farm town about thirty miles from Iowa City where there are only three things that happen in the town farming: hunting, and football. In fact, Williamsburg is currently the defending state champs. They are led by their all state safety Chad Torrey. He was about 6’2” and about 220 pounds of muscle. He has that very slim athletic build with short blonde hair and a small scar under his left eye from last year’s state final game. Being a football player from Williamsburg you are naturally idolized. Everyone respects and makes sure your life is easy. So Chad was naturally popular. With every kid on the team there are about fifteen kids who don’t have the athletic capabilities to join the team and one of those kids name was Brad Leis. Brad was very short and very skinny with big thick glasses and short black hair. Aside from him being smaller than most kids he was very quiet and tried to avoid people he always looked as if something was bothering him but no one ever seemed to care what it was.
The first day of school went as normal as it does every year with freshmen hell week where the seniors pick on the incoming freshmen. As you walk into school you could hear the screams of kids “Leave me alone” “what did I do” but were over powered by the obnoxious hyena laughter from the seniors. But laughter stopped when Dakota walked in. Dakota was the towns bully a huge 6’5’ 280 pound kid with curly red hair and freckles. He made sure that if you went to school he would make your life hell. He walked in screaming curse and hitting freshmen pushing them to the ground everyone just backed away.
Now for some reason Dakota had it out for Brad. Whenever they would cross paths Dakota would humiliate him. So before first period Dakota was making his rounds pushing his weight around when he caught Brad trying to sneak past him and you could hear clear across the commons Dakota yell “Where you going boy”! Brad froze in fear. “No get back over here boy”! Dakota growled. Brad than turned and walked very slowly with his head down as if he was a dog that dis obeyed his owner. When Brad reached Dakota he kept his head down Dakota snarled “Another fun year were going to have aren’t we” Brad just stayed there with his head down. “Answer me boy!” Dakota screamed. “Yes” Brad replied with a crackled voice. “Good” Dakota replied happily “Let’s start the year off right” as the words left his lips Dakota spit right onto Brads shirt and pushed him to the ground. Right after that the bell rang and brad stood up and sprinted off.
In the next class Chad was sitting talking to some friends and noticed Brad walked in and sat right down in the back corner of the class room and pulled out his notebook and began to scribble some words on the page. Chad with his curiosity wanted to know what he was writing so as he tried to sneak over there the teacher walked in and assigned a seating chart having Brad sit behind Chad. As Brad sat down Chad figured this was his opportunity to find out what he was writing but as soon as he turned to look the bell rang and Brad ran out of the class room to try and avoid another encounter with Dakota. The days went on as normal as usual and every time Chad tries to see the notebook he just was out of sight or not at the right angle. On one rainy Monday as Chad walked into school to the screams and kids running as Chad followed the crowd he realized what was happening. Dakota was doing his daily humiliating of Brad. He was poking him in the chest saying “Time for your medicine boy” and then punched him in the chest Brad fell to the ground gasping for air as kids just sat and laughed. Once Brad was able to catch his breath he jumped up to his feet and ran off leaving behind only his notebook.
That night Chad was finally able to see what Brad had been writing in his note book for weeks. As he opened to the first page he realized what he had stumbled upon. “Another day, and still I live in this torment, no one will say something as I’m being suffocated with hate at a place where I try to escape from the pain of my life only to be found by more pain. I just don’t understand what I did for everyone to hate me, For Dakota to hate me. I understand that I am not the popular kid but I don’t understand why I deserve this torment for that. Maybe it’s my fault, maybe I did something that was wrong and upset them I don’t know maybe I did. Chad flipped through a few pages to find some more recent entries and found one from yesterday “I am done my life is pointless! I have no friends and being in this loneliness is kill me I have no escape, No one to help me through this hell. I need to end it all and find salvation somewhere else. Somewhere happy where I won’t have to be in a place where I’m not wanted and completely humiliated day in and day out. I’m done. After reading the words Chad sets the note book down and he releases his breath all at once to as he gets up and walks around the room walks rubbing his eyes he makes his way into the bath room and sets his hands on the counter and stares into the mirror gazing upon himself not able to understand what has just happened what he has just stumbled upon. Trying to gather his thoughts by aimlessly staring for what seemed like hours he stumbled his way back to his room and collapsed in his bed staring at his celling as he slowly fell asleep.
The next day as Chad walked into school he heard the screams of the kids and them all running and realized what was happening yet again. But this time it was different this time Dakota was furious screaming “I’m going to F***ing kill you boy” Brad sitting there with his fists closed and his eyes shut “how dare you hit me boy!” “You need to learn your place boy” as those words left his lips Dakota charged Brad there would be no way for him to defend himself. As Dakota rose his fist to hit him something happened. Chad had sprinted out of the crowd and tackled Dakota to the ground. As they both scrambled to their feet Dakota stared in disbelief. He looked at him and said
“You lost here boy”? “This aint no football field”.
“I know” “I’m here to tell you to back off” Chad replied
“Oh really”? “Are you gunna make me boy”? Dakota snarled
As the words left his mouth Dakota was in a dead sprint. Before Chad had enough time to react he Dakota dove and speared him in the chest as they fell to the ground they both scrambled to their feet as Chad reached his feet he felt the first blow slam into his stomach it felt like a cinderblock. As the wind escaped Chad attempted to stay of his feet but was immediately struck again this time in the side of the face. As soon as contact was made it was obvious Dakota did some damage. Chad stumbled and fell do the ground as he was gurgling blood from his mouth and nose. As he lost conciseness he could hear Brads voice “Please don’t give up” as he heard the word Chad stood up again and smirked at said “my turn” Chad went into a furry hitting him in the face a few times Dakota almost fell but Chad would grab him before he could and hit him again and with one final blow he hit Dakota on his right side of his face as he hit him blood poured from his mouth and a tooth launched from his mouth. When Dakota hit the ground the crowd surrounding them went silent. Not sure on how to process what had just happened as Chad walked away he was able to see everyone’s face that were filled with terror everyone besides Brad whose had a sign of relief as he walked past Brad he handed him the note book and walked out of the school.

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