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Minecraft Survival Games

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I stood over the bloody bodies. Diamond sword gleaming from the moonlight casting a eerie red glow on the green grass. I slowly counted the figures. 1…2…3.There were 5 in all. One slumped across a chest, one laying in the damp grass, and one resting on my iron boots. I kicked the filthy body off myself and proceeded to bathe in the glory of winning, winning the highly honorable minecraft survival games. I started out as a scared noob. Unsure of how I could survive in a land full of brutal killers and scavengers. But quickly, a rank 200 player reached out and teamed me, befriended me. I accepted the gesture and moments after, we were teleported to an unknown land. The timer ticked down. 5… before I knew it, the starting text had been displayed. Snapping out of my trance, I broke into ran for the, but twisted my ankles in doing so falling to the ground. I silently cursed myself for taking those precious few seconds off the clock. After all, there were 24 contestants with only 8 spawn chests. Luckily, I managed to snag a cooked fish some leather pants and a diamond. The diamond was the only thing of value but without a stick and another one, it was useless sitting in my backpack. I scanned the horizon with my genetically modified eyes but couldn’t find my teammate. He had disappeared and was long gone, not bothering to contest at spawn. I headed into a direction with the least amount of people. There was just one kid with a gold chestplate and no weapon. But then again, I didn’t have a weapon either. Unless I found another chest, I would have to duke it out with him, fist-de-cuffs style. But suddenly, I saw a small abandoned village in the distance. Not bothering to consider if my opponent had already been in the village and looted the whole town, I sprinted in. I hit the jackpot there. I found a weapon. 3 of them actually. I sheathed the stone axe and wooden sword and held the stone sword in front of me. I was now not the hunted but the hunter.
Right as I exited the village, I saw a nametag getting closer to me. The person still hadn’t seen me and so I crouched, ready to ambush him. Though, plans never go as you think them in your head. The stranger veered left, not noticing me. At this point, I started running full sprint at him. He heard the rustling of the bushes and turned around to see a maniac swinging a stone sword at him. Naturally, he ran with his tail between his legs. But in his moment of panic, he ran into a cobweb, trapping him as he tried unsuccessfully to free himself. I made short work of him and left his body to rot on the cobwebs but not before looting his body. On him, he had food, some low level armor and a stick. Nothing useful unless the game got stretched out and I got hungry. Right then, I heard a rustling of leaves behind me so I leaped at the stranger and attacked. Somehow, he dodged my attacks and landed two blows on me with a weapon that I couldn’t see. I panicked and ran away but this time, I got stuck behind the leaves of a tree. I broke the leaves and ran on but not before he hit me once more reducing my health to 2 hearts. I knew that the next hit that landed on me would be my final. Knowing this, I ran faster than I ever could run and while doing so, I quickly formulated a plan. I would run to the shore and leap into the water. Hopefully, he wouldn’t know how to swim and not follow. That was my only chance. I was just about to put my plan into action when my pursuer stopped and said, “Hey! It’s me. I panicked and thought you were a baddy.” I turned around and breathed a sigh of relief. For standing behind me was my teammate who I had lost in the preliminary minutes of the game.

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