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Hero to the Max

“Feet squared, sweetheart,” Jacob Hawk, otherwise known as Archer, called out.

“They are!” Hero Sparks protested. “Nightshade, tell Archer I'm fine.”

“Shoot, baby girl,” Kayla Clark, otherwise known as Nightshade, said. “Jacob, lay off.”

Hero fixed her elbows, pulled the string to her bow taunt, and released. The arrow whizzed through the air and shot a perfect bulls-eye.

“Nice shot, sweetheart,” Archer said walking over to Hero and wrapping his arm around her.

“Hey Dad, come see this!” Jared, Archer's son and Hero's best friend called out. “She pierced the target!”

“What??” Nightshade and Archer both said, looking at Xander who was behind the target with Jared. Xander, Jared and Hero's other best friend, twirled the target around to show Archer and Nightshade the back of the target.

“That was nailed to the ground...” Hero's dad, Avis, said, he turned around to look at Xander's dad. “Frank your kid just...”

“Oh shut up, Da,” Hero said, using her mind to raise the target.

“Amazing,” Archer said, “Avis are you seeing this?”

“Yeah, our kids are amazing.” Avis said.

“Am I done here?” Hero asked impaitently. “We have stuff to do. I told Carter I'd send Gordon to get him so we could work in the lab.”

“Why are you using my driver?” Avis said in mock outrage.

“You fired my driver.” Hero said, shortly.

“Oh,” Avis said.

“There is an intruder at the south gate.” The AI that Hero's dad built, AIM, said.

“Rex, arm the weapons... and open the weapons room” Hero said.

“Password?” AIM asked.

“HeroToTheMax1436.” Hero said.

“How did you know...?” Avis said as a door to his right slid open.

“Weapons armed.” AIM said. The house shook and Hero, Jared and Xander ran into the weapons room. Hero grinned at Jared as they grabbed their twin bow and arrow sets, Hero also grabbed her pulse blaster and tossed Xander his semi-automatic and pistol.

“No.” Xander's dad, Frank, said stepping in front of Hero and Jared as they tried to walk out of the training room. “You aren't going out there, they're after you.”

“Yes we are, I don't care they are attacking our house and targeting our family.” Hero said. “I'm tired of them hurting everyone we know to get to us.”

“Makeshift family.” Nightshade mumbled.

“Sweetheart, Jar-Jar, Xan, you don't have to do that.” Archer said.

“The intruder has breached the house.” AIM said.

“That's it!” Jared said, glaring at his dad. “You move, or I move you.”

Archer took a step back and said, “You wouldn't.”

“Move they are going to find us anyway.” Hero said glaring at everyone and walking towards the door. “And if I die I want to die fighting, not hiding in the training room like a baby.” she said before walking out.

“She's right.” Nightshade said.

“I know.” Avis said.

“I hate when she's right.” Archer said as another explosion shook the house.

“Well we'd better help them.” Frank said.

“I believe you should,” AIM said. “and Hero says if you don't help them your next.”

Archer laughed as the other adults scrambled to get their weapons, “Hurry up.” he said. “I'd rather not have my butt kicked by an angry fifteen-year-old.”

“And her friends.” Frank said.

“Who are our kids.” Avis said.

“Less talk,” Nightshade said as she turned around and ran up the steps with Avis, Archer and Frank close behind.

“Finally!” Hero said, rolling her eyes when she saw them. “Welcome to the party.” Jared and Xander laughed. “Our main entertainment is kicking butt.”

“Literally.” Jared said, grinning wickedly.

“Shut up, short stuff.” Avis said.

“I'm taller than you, old man.” Jared argued as he took out three of the robots that were attacking him.

“Watch your back, Xan!” Hero yelled, shooting the robot that was about to shoot Xander.

“I'm trying.” he yelled back.

“Hero! Watch out!” Avis yelled as a robot shot Hero's side.

“Hero!” Jared yelled moving towards Hero, as he shot the robot that shot her.

“I'm fine!” Hero yelled to Jared. “Don't worry.”

“Kiddo your losing blood.” Frank said.

“Obviously!” Hero yelled. “I was just shot! I know your not a genius, but you don't have to state the obvious.”

Archer rolled his eyes, “Jared stay by Hero.” he ordered.

“You wish.” Hero said, immediately moving away from Jared and pulling her gun off the floor.

“Hero!” Jared yelled. “You're so stubborn! Dad help me cover her.”

Archer rolled his eyes at his son's apparent crush on the young heiress but ran over to help his son protect the girl anyway. “Jared's right, Hero.” he yelled over the explosions. “You are one stubborn little girl.”

Hero shot three consecutive shots, “I ain't little.” she growled.

“Or educated. Good to know that private school your father pays to teach you is working.” Archer yelled.

“Damn, private school.” Hero and Jared said.

“I'm happy to know that you like it.” Avis yelled.

Nightshade rolled her eyes as she, Hero and Xander shot the last robots, “Told you her shooting was fine.” she said to Archer, everyone laughed.

“It was okay.” Archer said.

Hero rolled her eyes, “Shut up! I helped kick major butt.” she said.

“Sure, you can believe that, kiddo.” Archer said, grinning.

Hero hit Archer, “Shut up.” she said, again.

Archer put his hands up and chuckled, “Sorry, sweetheart.”

Hero rolled her eyes and said, “Yeah right.”

Archer grinned, Jared smacked his dad and said, “Be nice to Hero.”

Nightshade laughed, “I'm beginning to question who the adults are.” she said.

“Hey! You forgot to send Gordon!” Carter Darling yelled marching up to Hero.

“We got attacked!” Hero said.

“You couldn't call?” Carter asked.

“She got shot!” Jared said.

Carter widened his eyes, “What?” he yelled.

Archer chuckled and lifted Hero, “Let's get you to a hospital.” he said.

“Put me down, you monkey!” Hero protested. “And remove your arm from my side!”

Avis chuckled, “I'll call her doctor.” he said.

Hero rolled her eyes, “Sure, fire my driver and keep my doctor!” she yelled. “Traitors!”

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