Superhero Origin of Matt Wright

February 6, 2013
By , cheyenne, WY
I sat there trying to get a hold of myself. Trying to break away from this dream. But it wasn’t a dream this really happened to me. The car had slammed into the tree killing off my father. The car was completely destroyed. The once beautiful Hyundai was now beaten and broken into shards and pieces. I sat and thought about what happened.
It was a nice day. Nice enough to go hunting which my dad had already planned for us to do. My mother had died when she gave birth to me 14 years ago. So it was just me and dad. He would always go on about how I looked like her. He would talk about how mom and I had the same hair and eyes and that she had freckles like me. Eventually we got to the forest but we didn’t stay. We were driving through the woods to go home because I couldn’t kill anything. I don’t know why it just made me feel terrible. So my father decided that we would head back home. We sat inside of the car and drove until a deer ran in front of the car and my dad furiously turned the wheel to avoid it. The car turned and fell into a tree on my father’s side. Hours flew by and when I woke up it was dusk.
I woke up to find my father’s head in a broken position. It was the most horrific thing I had ever seen in my life. There was glass in his face and body. One of his eyes was falling out the socket. It was terrifying. I went to my dad and started to shake him and some blood splashed my face.
“Dad, Dad please get up,” I pleaded
My dad’s head just shook back and forth. I panicked for hours until finally just dealing with the fact that my father was dead. I began to cry but stopped when I began to wonder how am I going to leave the woods? How can I survive?
I got out of the car and looked around. It was beginning to get dark and I was afraid. How could this happen? What did I do to deserve this? My mother had died and now my father was dead as well and to make matters worse I was stuck inside of the forest with nowhere to go. I had no food in the car because my father had said it might attract animals. Now thoughts of starving in the woods or getting eaten by animals filled my mind. Someone please help me I need somebody to get me out of this.
As soon as night hit I went into the car. It wasn’t long before I fell asleep. I woke up and looked around and heard a strange tapping noise. I turned on one of the lights in the car and saw something outside the window. There must have been something trying to break into the car. I jumped out of the car and ran as fast as I could.
I crossed the patch of grass and stepped on the sandy ground around the pond. Then I heard splashing sounds and I turned towards the pond to see if something was inside it. I looked into the water. It was rippling and as I looked into the water I began to realize that I was in a trance. Something was holding my face and pulling me down. I looked in the water and saw a lady with green hair and green eyes.
“Are you the one seeking help” she said
I couldn’t reply because of the loss of air and shock.
“Almost forgot” she placed her forehead onto mines and I was able to breathe underneath the water. “Now answer, are you seeking help?”
“What’s going on how is this even possible?”
“Shush” she said gently “I’ll tell you everything that you need to know”
Her eyes flashed green as she starred at me. I felt paralyzed under her gaze. I found myself going back to the moment of the crash. When the deer jumped in front of the car. When the car hit the tree. When I saw the glass shard in my father’s face? All of it came rushing back furiously.
“Poor child” she said looking at me in pity.” I’ve seen what has happened to you, the crash, your father combined with glass. You have lived a complicated life surrounded with misfortune. Even your mother was taken from your life before you even saw her face.
“Is there a way I can leave”?
The woman remained silent and brought me to the surface.
“There is no way back to civilization in your current form. It will take you a very long time for you to return in this form and you’ll get lost or eaten
“Then how can I get ba- wait” I thought puzzled. “What do you mean current form?” I asked.
“Exactly as I said in your current form you will get lost in the woods and probably die”
“That’s not what I meant”
“Right now you are in a human like state. As long as you remain in this form you will never escape.”
I looked at her still confused. Then she got up and her body began to shift into a grass like monster. Her hair became leaves and vines and her cloths turned into roots.
“W-What’s going on?” “What are you?”
“You may call me Mother Nature.”
I stared at her in mere fright. I tried to run away but when I got to the edge of the grass, it began to rise creating a wall. I charged at it but couldn’t get through. It was like steel.
“Relax; I’m not going to harm you.
“What are you?” I said frightened “how are you doing this?”
“I already told you, I’m Mother Nature. “Now do you want to leave the forest or get eaten by animals?”
I stood up and said ok. She walked toward me and placed one hand on my head, the other on my heart and began to say something in a strange language that I had never heard before. Animals from the forest began to appear. I noticed the wolves first. Strange symbols began to appear on my arms, legs and face. I tried to move but I couldn’t. Frozen in place like a statue, I waited for her to finish her chant. Her eyes flashed a leaf green color and I was sent spiraling backwards.
“It is done.” she said lost in breath
“What did you do?”
“Helped” was all she said. “You can now leave.”
She flicked her wrist and I was dragged out of the area by vines. I went back but when I did there was nothing there. Absolutely nothing.
I think I must have been hallucinating. Maybe even dreaming. I went back to the car to see if my father was really there. The car was there proving that we had crashed and inside my dad’s body still limp and lifeless. As I walked through the forest I cried as time passed. Then eventually I came across a playground and a school building.
“I MADE IT WHOOOOOOO!” I was so happy that I ran through the city and back to my house. The house was a goldenrod brown color. I quickly unlocked the door. I was so happy to be home until I remembered my dad. I realized that I needed to make some phone calls.
“Hi Grandma Rita” I said sadly
“Is something wrong honey?” she asked in a worried tone.
“I have to tell you something.”
“Yes what it is?”
“Dad and I were out in the woods and we crashed”
“Oh my Lord are you ok?”
“I’m fine but dad he’s well” I found myself struggling to say the words “he isn’t around anymore, during the crash I woke up and saw glass in his face.” I said struggling
Silence was all I got in reply. I heard my grandmother cry for a while and then she asked me am I ok and if I wanted to live with her. I replied yes, since I had nowhere else to go. I packed most of my favorite stuff that I cared for and waited. In about 20 minutes my grandma was here and I got in the car and we drove away leaving my old house behind
We drove to the house which was similar to my house except it was larger and my room was downstairs.
It’s been about two months since then. I’m in a new school, with new friend’s ext. I had always thought that experience with Mother Nature was just a hallucination. I didn’t think that it would change my life forever. It was one early afternoon during fourth period. I had drunken too much water and had to use the restroom. I walked past the mirrors and from the corner of my eye saw something green. I turned around to see what it was. Did I see that right I thought?
I walked over to the mirror and looked in bewilderment. My hair was turning into green grass and my skin was turning green. I looked just like Mother Nature. A boy with green skin and grassy hair. There was a blade of grass sticking out of each elbow almost like blades. I moved back in dismay and looked at my hands. The skin which was now a leafy green color with dead leaf brown shoulders. I was in awe. What was going on? I looked just like Mother Nature, the only difference being that I was male and shorter than her. I quickly ran out of the building and back to my grandmother’s house. I was freaking out but luckily I avoided being seen and got inside the house
Inside were voices I’ve never heard before.
“The Nature energy is coming from this house. It’s everywhere, especially in the kid’s room”
“Whatever, It doesn’t matter.” “We’ve already kidnapped the grandparents.” “Let’s return to base and tell Hex, The creature will show eventually.” he said holding onto some kind of machine. “With the power awakening, it’ll only be a matter of time before we locate it and get rid of the geezers.”
I stayed hidden until they left. There was a note they on the table
We have your grandparents and if you want them to have a safe return meet us at this location exactly it’s for the best. Somewhere in the woods
I quickly ran out the city into the woods. I looked almost forever but couldn’t find anything I sat down to catch my breath and heard a familiar voice.
“Touch the ground with your hand.” Mother Nature said coming out of the ground.
“Huh?” I turned around and there she was. “You, What did you do to me? Why do I look like this, where’s my grandparents, what happened, explain.”
“Do you want to see your grandparents again or not?”
“Yes, I do but”
“Then do as you’re told.”
I touched the ground and the entire image of the forest appeared into my head. I could see the wild life, pathways and I could see my Grandparents and their kidnappers.
“Now go, help your family escape, I’ll be there soon”
“Umm, thank you” I said before running into the woods.
I looked through a clearing in between some bushes and found them sitting there with the strange looking men behind them. One large, he had yellow glowing eyes and cuts across his body and the other skinny with pitch black hair.
“Do you think he’ll show” the skinny one said
“He better.” the larger one said
“We’ll if he doesn’t I can always have my own fun” The skinny one then created some kind of power -from his hands and looked it at my grandparents
“Nooooo,” I said running towards the skinny one.
I tackled him to the ground and punched him in the face. He quickly kicked me off and the big guy grabbed me by the neck and slammed me into a tree.
“Well, well, well if it isn’t Mother Nature’s little brat. This is him right?”
“Yup, that’s him all right, let’s give him to Hex and call it a day” We’ll take his energy tomorrow
“Not so fast.”
Mother Nature jumped up, and as she did vines rose out of the ground and grabbed the two, sending them flying through the trees.
“You have power similar to mine watch me and learn to harness it.”
Suddenly the grass around her body grew sharp and she threw it towards the two, binding them to a tree.

“The brown grass coming out of your elbows is as sharp enough to cut trees in half, use them to your advantage.”
I ran towards my grandparents but was struck back into a tree. I looked up to see a person standing there looking down at me. He had purple streaks in his hair
“You’re not very smart huh? You can’t even use you ability’s. Sad really. I expected better from someone who was given some of Mother Nature’s power. Oh well let’s get this over with.” He created an energy wave above my face and chuckled.
Then Mother Nature pushed Hex away from me using blade like leafs. She then went to go untie my grandparents leaving me to face Hex. Hex got up with an annoyed look on his face.
“So now you’re going to play the hero. Just because you have Mother Nature’s powers doesn’t mean your powers can match up to mine little hero.”
Snickering, he charged up to me and created small energy bolts and shot them toward the ground. The ground began to break apart. As it did I rose my hands up copying what Mother Nature had done earlier, making vines come up from the ground that he had destroyed. They missed, except one that pierced his shoulder. He screamed and jumped backwards.
“That freaking hurt. Fighting with a hole in my arm won’t do.” He stood up and looked towards me.
“This isn’t over.” “I’ll get you another time Ta ta” he said disappearing instantly.
“Good he’s gone.”
She then walked up to my grandparents and me. She grabbed my grandparent’s heads and did something to make them forget about everything that happened. Then she touched my arm and the grass began to disappear. I looked normal again. It shaped into a grass jewel looking object.
“This should keep your powers in check but if you need to use it use this jewel.” I wanted to ask her what happened, but before I got the chance she fled. I then took my Grandparents back home and acted like none of that ever happened. Before going to bed I looked outside the window. All I could think was what happens next?

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