Flick the Switch

November 23, 2012
By katfletch18 BRONZE, Dolgeville, New York
katfletch18 BRONZE, Dolgeville, New York
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"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say"
 J.R.R. Tolkien (The Fellowship of the Ring)

Today was my senior trip. Anguish filling the void for Prissy after all we had called her that since pre-k. (Mainly being because she was a brat and thought she was better than anyone else.) We were all lined up when I was paired up originally with some new girl. Of course she wasn’t here again today. Well I was beginning to think how repetitive of her. Today was the worst. Also being that Prissy’s partner wasn’t hear either unbelievable. Then I said “Prissy P you can sit in your original signed seat and me-” I was interrupted by our teacher. Everyone knew I was pugnacious. Ms. Vannah jumped up in clarity “You will be seated with one another - understood”? I just blew it off. We got on the coach busses and I was about to sit then Prissy took my seat. It had to be the window seat. I muttered out loud to myself “are you kidding me”. “Excuse me wha-”, Prissy started to say. “Forget it never mind”. I said. As though it seemed as if both of us were just thrilled about being partners. I read this button that alleged DO NOT TOUCH in big letters. My common sense put myself in control. As ignorant as my partner was of course read it. She forced my hand onto the button. If I had control I would’ve stopped this. I didn’t though so you can’t blame me fore making this story bad it’s all her fault the day she had to make the trouble happen. (Which is actually what this whole thing is about you see.) I felt this switch decided to move it probably was a trap anyways. Ominously prissy kept perpetuating on the fact that we were to die here and never see our beds again. To tell the truth it was world full of mirrors you can only see yourself in the day nothing else. At night the other person was able to see you and its surroundings. There was barbed wire activated at night so you would have to be careful. You are probably saying why not get to it “Flick The Switch”.I heard other kids screaming while they said whoever it is on the side of the switch flick! Flick the switch for all of us to be free! Meanwhile- in the world I was living in and had loved time there had stopped miraculously. The other children that were here sounded morose. I was absolutely not complacent. All I wanted to do was write my most profound poetry.I was contemplating on the fact that maybe it was trap. Suddenly I heard a voice. It was an intense voice that said “I’m Apollo the Greek god of light, the sun, prophecy, music and healing”.I said imperiously to my futile classmate “want to flick the switch?” Apollo interrupted the children screaming. He said, “how do you know if I’m tricking you or not.” He seemed vicious and wily for a Greek god. Prissy had the audacity to use derision. The decisive arguments were killing me. I was about to drive myself up the wall with anticipating insanity. Although I wasn’t quite sure if Apollo had done this to me so I wouldn’t flick the switch. I couldn’t see anyone but shouted “what are your names”? They screamed back. This was funny because, for some reason, I felt as if I was standing next to them. But it didn’t hurt my ears when we screamed. Perith spoke “our names are Justis, Jameson and Perith.”“The both of you?” Jameson said. “My name is Prissy,” then she said in disgust “Hers is Elektra.” Apollo had spoken “Figure out this amazing sanctuary.” He laughed. “In admirance one of the five of you will also be put in a ‘sanctuary‘.” I felt as if everyone was gesturing to have me flick the switch. I was not dejected for the fact as soon as I flicked the switch Prissy was in a sanitarium with a stray jacket. I walked happily away now that my biggest foe was gone and out of my life. Time continued me laying on the bed then I woke up being stabbed in the head with a knife. I died instantly. Grinning in the after life, knowing that this was not shameful. No one is equal to me.

The author's comments:
based apon a dream i had in ninth grade

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