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There I was, alone, in the dark, wondering if anyone realized I was gone. How long had I been gone? And where exactly was I. The last thing I could remember was being at a club with this guy I had just met. There was something about him that set me off, but I didn't say anything. I Just sat there acting interested when I knew I really just wanted to go home. That probably would've been the smartest move at this point. But I still just sat there, waiting. For what. I'm not exactly sure. At this point I'm not really sure of anything. All I knew was that I was alone and cold. All I could see was a street lamp in the distance, too many trees, and a road full of potholes. There was a throbbing pain coming from the back of my head and dried blood on my shirt. Was it my blood? I realized I wasn't getting anywhere just standing there waiting for someone to come find me, so I started walking up the road to the street lamp. It took me about 10minutes to walk there but it seemed like forever with no one to talk to, no answers, no anything. Just me and the street lamp. I wasn't even sure what time it was. When I got under the light I looked at my arms and saw bruises that weren't there before. They almost looked like thumbprints. But who did this to me? I still had no idea where I was, why I was there, how I got there, and I could barely remember who I was. I figured the only way I was going to get anywhere was to keep walking.

After about an hour of walking I heard something in the bushes. I yelled to see if it was one of my friends playing a trick on me cud I had gotten too drunk the night before. No one answered, and the sound stopped. I just shrugged and continued. It was probably just an animal. Another hour past and I heard a faint scream from what seemed like miles away, but it was so quiet out there you could hear a pin drop into a pile of feathers. The scream startled me so I started walking faster. As I was walking I started to get an eery feeling of people watching me. I felt in my gut something was wrong. By this time I was running and I had no intention to stop until I found someone. I had been running for what seemed like hours. I finally decided I needed to find food and water and a place to sleep. To my convenience I found a nice tree I could climb up to sleep in with a creek below it for water, and there were some frogs and fish in it. They weren't very big though, so it wasn't that filling, and it was disgusting because I couldn't make a fire to cook them with from the dampness of all the wood and rocks. It looked like the moon was starting to go down which meant I better had get some sleep soon so I can go when the sun comes up. As soon as I got in the tree I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and was not ready for the long walk to find my home. I wasn't even sure if I was going the right way. before I left I found some dry wood and started a fire to cook some food and boil water to clean it so I didn't get sick, if I wasn't already sick from the water the night before. I went and found a fish and ate that and had a cup of water I boiled in a chunk of wood that looked decent enough to be a cup. After the fire was out I got back to the road and kept walking. I figured I was somewhere in the inner part of the United States because of the temperature and the scenery. There were mountains and pine trees with tons of rocks and what it felt like 90 degree weather. After walking a little farther I saw something that looked like a person, but they had sort of a stagger to them like they were hurt. I started running at them and yelling in relief. The person didn't seem to respond to me so I stopped running at them and asked if he was okay and if he could help me. Still no response. This person smelled like they had just walked through death. I finally went closer and touched him on the shoulder to see if he was deaf and could understand me. He turned around immediately and was covered in blood, which startled me so I jumped back a few feet. His eyes were white and unresponsive. He was a grey color and he seemed to be, almost, rotten. He stood there for a second and started coming at me grunting and moaning. I ran into the bushes and grabbed the nearest item I could use as a weapon. I hit the guy in the head and knocked him on the ground. The hit took out some of his teeth, and some of his skin. he didn't even seem phased by being hit. He just growled and got back up and started to walk after me. He wasn't very fast, but it was still scary. I just took off running and after a little while I couldn't see or hear him anymore.

What did I just experience. It seemed like something from a scary sci-fi movie. I was trying to be rational and think to myself that maybe he had been bitten by something with rabies or had some sort of disease that makes you crazy. Because that is totally normal. I had to stop after a while to catch my breath and rest. While I was resting I heard a gun shot and then silence. I tried to figure out where the shot came from, but it could have been anywhere. It was hard to tell with tall the mountains. What if it was just an echo and came from a totally different direction. I just looked down in desperation and carried on, praying I Would find someone who could explain what was going on. It felt Iike I had been walking for days, probably because I was. How long had I been out there? For all I knew I could've been out there for a week. It sure did seem like it. I was starting to become delusional, but seeing things out of the corners of my eyes and talking to myself was the least of my problems though. How far was I from civilization? I swear I could hear voices. Not normal sane people voices, but growling moaning voices, like the guy from miles back down the road. Maybe I was just going insane and that memory just kept playing in my head. I finally decided to find a tree to sleep in before it got dark and I couldn't find my way to one. As I was walking to the tree that looked like a good bed I smelled something like rotting meat. I was so hungry that the smell of rotten meat was making me hungry. I was considering eating dirt but decided tree bark was better. After dinner I went to sleep.

In the middle of the night I was woken up by the sound of moaning. I looked down and saw the man that I ran into a while back and he seemed really pissed off. It seemed like he was looking at me but I couldn't tell because his eyes were so pale. I just tried staying as still as i could and sat there wide awake prepared to die until I heard a yell from about 50 feet away and someone running towards me. Finally someone who can tell me whats going on. I looked down just in time to see this person cut the head off this man. In instinct I screamed.

"Get down from there, you are fine, he can't hurt you now."

"Well clearly he can't hurt me! You just cut his head off! No normal person cuts the head off of an innocent man!"

"Innocent, ha! Do you realize what he could've done to you. Innocent is in no body's vocabulary anymore. If there is even anyone left, Now get down from there, we have to go."

"First tell me what is going on and why you cut his head off."

"There is no time to explain right now. Now come on, unless you'd rather die."

I don't know why but I trusted this man, so I climbed down from the tree and as soon as I got to the bottom he grabbed me and we took off. We were running for about 15 minutes when we finally got to a small gathering of normal sane people. I guess it hadn't struck me yet that something bigger than this was going on that
i didn't know about yet. One of the women from the group rushed over to me and told me how great it was to see another girl her age. She immediately became my new best friend.

We went in the tent and she gave me a water bottle, which I was dying for, and she gave me some canned ravioli, well at least that's what I think it was.

"MY name is is Rosalina, but you can call me Rose, what's our name?" Rose had a very strong British accent that seemed to roll of her tongue rather sweetly.

I wasn't sure what my name was for a minute, so I just sat there for a minute with a blank face.

"What, cat got your tongue? That's okay I will just leave you alone for a minute."

"A-Amy, my name is Amy."

"Oh, well nice to meet you, Amy."

"What is exactly going on here? Where am I? What is the date?" I had so many questions to ask, but I didn't want to overwhelm myself with the fact that I was totally clueless.

"You mean you don't know whats going on? All the turning and dead walking?"

"Dead walking? What do you mean?! How is that even possible?"

Rose got up and stuck her head out of the tent and yelled "We've got another blank one!"

The man who saved me came in and said, "I should've known when she called the dead one innocent. Wheres George? He will explain whats happening. GEORGE!!!"

I sat there for a minute as they talked and discussed what they should tell me and what they shouldn't. They kept looking at me and then making decisions. I already knew they were thinking about not telling me everything so I cut into their discussion, "You may as well just tell me everything, I mean if I know more maybe I can understand better. Maybe it will give me answers to everything that's going--

I was cut off when a tall slender pale man walked in, also with a British accent. "What do you want? I was in the middle of my book. Make it- Oh I didn't see you there, what is your name, beautiful?"

"Her name is Amy."

"Shut up Rose, I wasn't asking you. Hello Amy, my name is George, Rose is my annoying sister."

" Okay, I know George and Rose, but I have no idea what your name is. You killed a man in front of me, made me get down from a perfectly fine tree, made me run away with you to this camp, and I still don't know your name."

"My name is Andrew, and I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself to you earlier."

"Alright then, George, now that I am acquainted with you three, can you please tell me what is going on?!"

"Well this started about 3 years ago. A scientist by the name of Jeremy Rogers was trying to create a cure for A.I.D.S, and the tests worked great on the lab rats, but when he tested it on people something changed and the humans DNA went haywire and everyone started getting really sick. One by one these people started turning into monsters. They were vicious and hungry, with white eyes and no response except a moan or grunt. And they started biting people and eating them. The people they bit started turning too. It was like a chain reaction. Eventually the government tried stopping the contagion, but they failed miserably and most of the government is dead completely or turned. After about a month it was up to us to stay alive and fend for ourselves. We realized no one would come to save us. If anyone would be saving someone its us saving stragglers, like you. We take in anyone who is sane and well. Sometimes we take someone in who was bitten, but we don't realize it and they always give us a good scare, but now we have gotten used to it. We always work together, and we don't go anywhere without telling others, and we always always take someone with us. Don't worry Amy, you will get used to the routine eventually."

"So what you're saying is everyone I know, or in this case knew, is dead, or sort of dead? How do they even-How does this whole thing even work?!"

"No one is quite sure, and I don't think we ever will be. But for now we know how to keep ourselves from being one of them."

"So I still don't know what day it is. And you said this started 3 years ago. I have only been unconcious for a couple days. How was this all going on without everyone finding out about it?"

They all looked at me like I had done something wrong and I was about to be kicked out for it. When all of the sudden Andrew said,"She's one of them, I can't believe it, I don't know how we didn't figure this out earlier. I would've never guessed there were any of them left! I can't believe that we actually get to meet one."

"What are you taling about? What am I?"

I was totally clueless about what he was talking about. Rose, Andrew, and George all went to the corner of the tent and started talking about how they would explain what I was. After about 5 minutes of them talking Andrew came over to me and said,"You were chosen when this thing started, before anyone knew about the first killing, by a man who knew that this drug would do that who picked 5 of the strongest and smartest women and 5 of the strongest and smartest men in Los Angeles and drugged them to be put unconcious until this thing came to an end. We have all heard rumours about it but never thought it to be true. Your chamber must have malfunctioned and they must have had to let you go before you knew what was going on. He was probably planning on killing you, but he most likely figured you wouldn't make it out of this place alive without any idea of what was going on. You really got lucky with the dead one back there. You would've been dinner."

"So who is this man you're talking about and why did he choose me? I'm not anything special."

" Well, this man is one of the biggest bosses in the underground government agency that no one really knows about, but we have ourselves one of this mans employees who is part of our group and he let us know about everything that is going on or will happen. And this man was probably watching you for a long time making sure you were the right one he was going to choose."

"Well that's flattering, but why on earth did he keep us unconcious? Why couldn't he have just let us stay where we were. Maybe we don't want to be here when the world is over and everyone is dead. I just want to go home and see my mom and friends!"

Andrew cut in and said,"Hello! Newsflash hun, everyone is dead! Probably including your mom and friends."

After that everyone was silent and Rose hit him in the head, and he realized what he said. I then had the sudden realization what kind of world we were living in now and I needed to really buckle down and be strong. Be the kind of woman who knows who to survive, who doesn't let emotions get her killed. I needed to be the girl that "the man" chose me for.

"It's okay Andrew I know that my family is gone, and my friends are gone too. I just hadn't realized it yet I guess, but now I do."

Rose stood up and said,"I will go tell everyone we have a new arrival, dinner will be ready soon. You guys should get cleaned up, and Amy, you should really get those cuts bandaged up before they get infected."

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