September 27, 2012
By phillip2637 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
phillip2637 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Since my creation i have been on many voyages.The voyage of October 23,1773 was different, the wind and the waves felt wrong tonight.
In the black sky all i saw was the moon accompanied by the moon siting peacefully. A strange feeling came upon me as if something horrible was coming, then it happened. The first lightning bolt shot across the sky, a warning signal that more followed. I hear the captain above the ship shouting orders and the crew begins to scatter like rats anxiously moving into position and begin steering the ship. But its too late, more and more lightning attack the sky blazing in every direction followed by the astonishing crackle of thunder. The sea roars beneath me then subsides as it hits the ships sides, i began to feel something new, fear. The ocean attacked us as if a threat and i began to sway, so hard i felt the men above me slide across the deck. The waves conquered the ships sides and began to en gulp me down, the ship filled more and more. Brave men dove for the sea in hope of safety, but only found death waiting. Lower and lower i sank, the water so black it was impossible to see a soul, so strong there was no point in fighting. I embraced my fate for i had a long life on that ship, and i will be submerged with it.

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