The Night at the Haunted House

January 16, 2012
By Evan Nelson BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
Evan Nelson BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
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Every year on Halloween, the people of Halloween City put together the most terrifying and jaw dropping haunted house ever assembled. It is amazing if you get the chance to see even once. Once you slowly move up you can hear the cries of the young children, see the flashes of white light, and feel the nervousness through your body. Do you dare to go into it?

Well a little boy by the name of Quinn dared to go through this nerve wrecking house. As he skidded his feet, hesitant to go into the house all alone, he finally got to the entrance. The entrance looked awful. It had windows shattered, crooked steps going onto the porch, and drops of blood leading through the door. Quinn went in. The people in the distance heard shrill cries of terror.

Quinn went, clueless that there was a monster above him on the second floor pouring water on everyone who entered. Quinn creamed and ran out of the haunted house. He called his mom and wanted to go home. His mom came and picked him up after a few minutes. For the rest of the night, his mom and other family members were making fun of him being a little baby and not going through the haunted house. Due to these comments, Quinn went to bed.

Once he woke up from sleeping, it was around 10 A.M. He looked at his phone and he saw that he had gotten a text from his friend, George, which asked if Quinn could go to the haunted house with him and a group of friends. Quinn pondered about what George had asked him, and he decided to go since he would be going with a group of friends and he would be safer than last time.

Later that night, they all met up at the haunted house. Quinn was a tiny bit scared since his past experience didn’t end so well. Now, as the group approaches the house slowly, Quinn felt his heart beat get faster and faster. Once they all got inside, Quinn’s fears went away. But once they got past the water in the front of the haunted house and gotten to a new part of the house, they got tapped in a room. Quinn and his friends were trapped!

To this day, Quinn and his friends have been missing. Police are still investigating this incident.

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