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The Girl With The Pink Dress

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When I glanced one more time at my watch I had realized that it was already 10 o' clock, So I decided to head home when I saw a brief glimpse of a girl running down an ally. My curiosity got the best of me. I followed her down a ally to our old community garden, The Garden Of Hope, a couple years ago every week at least 39 people would show up to tend the garden, but when we got a new mayor, he believed we didn't need a garden, so he cut cost down. every week at least 5 would stop coming, after about 7 weeks, it was done to one . One 72 year old lady, no one sees her, no one thinks they will. But at the end of the month veggies would we picked, flowers would be tended, and new seeds would be planted. When I arrived to the garden there was a girl that looked like a couple years younger then me. I could tell she was scared and acheing. She had a faded pink dress on with many ripes. The left strap was torn and fell on her left shoulder. She had damaged frizzy red hair that appeared never cut. She had many freckles that covered most of her pale skin. She had her shoulders and most of her legs shown, and bare feet. I watched her move swiftly to the middle of the garden, sit on her knees, and mutter a prayer. I finally pushed back my golden hair and asked, "Are you okay?". Her head jolted my way and I could see her bright blue eyes. "P-p-please leave, miss, y-y-you must go..."

I was going to ask her if she needed help but out of a dark road shot out a crazed, damaged, pick-up truck. It speed through the street twisting, and turning. "HIDE!" she screamed at me. I responded because looking at her eyes she was serious. I quickly hid behind a rose-berry bush while she ran behind a tree. Out of the truck became one man. He looked to be about 5 foot, 10. He had a rough old jacket on. It was all I could see because it looked if like there was a dark shadow over him. "JO!" he yelled,"Dang, JO!" he got a flashlight, flickered for a brief second, then it came clear. He searched the plants, then the flowers then moved quietly over to exactly to were I was hiding and moved his hand over the bush in a unsteady motend, when all of the sudden he stopped, at ran over to were the girl was standing. "Dang, Jo!" He screamed. "What the heck are you doing?" Then he grabbed he by on arm and yanked as she whaled out a cry and he dragged her into his pick-up truck. Then he drove chaotically away. When i knew he was gone, i quickly ran home.

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