February 1, 2011
By ClarestaAlim BRONZE, LONG ISLAND CITY, New York
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“Wow, what a dream!” shouted Faye. She became a remarkable woman after her persistence to live on a deserted island. It was top news in her country, Singapore. Many reporters interviewed for her success, surviving on that woeful island. They published her news in most of the newspapers and magazine. They were astonished of how could she survive being on a deserted island with no hotels, restaurants, houses and shopping malls. Many people said that even they were given a million dollars, they weren’t sure if they wanted to stay on a deserted island. Everyone said that she was so brave that she could survive in a small-miserable island. She got $10,000 and became a top because of her luggage, her luck, and her determination.
It was one evening when her sister read a magazine and she saw an advertisement offering people to stay on a deserted island for a month for $10,000.
Fane shouted,” Hey Faye! I have a surprising news for you, sis.”
Faye asked with curious,” What is that? Is that a new cool outfit for me, Fane?”
Fane laughed and replied,” No, It is about being a survival on a deserted island, and they will give you $10,000 if you survive for three weeks; isn’t that crazy?”
Faye was interested about it. Her elder sister, Fane, contacted the person in charge for that program. They told her about the island that she was about to go. It was an island called Tanjoeng Island which was located in Central Java, Indonesia. Mostly, it was sand beaches. It was discovered by Sunan Nyamplungan who was one of the nine Moslem Saints. They explained about the rules and regulations. They also told her that she was allowed to bring a suitcase. She felt a huge relieve.
Faye brought all her favorite stuffs: her hello kitty dolls, instant foods, snacks, a small mirror, pillow, music player, umbrella, clothes, sleeping bag, and books. All of the things in Faye’s luggage really helped her to survive and pass the days on that tiny island. Like when she couldn’t find any food, she ate the snacks and instant foods. When she missed home so badly, she just hugged her Hello Kitty dolls. When she felt bored, she turned on her music and read her books.
Faye wasn’t actually alone in the program. She had a companion. His name was Tony. Faye had a phone call three days before she left that he would also like to join the program. So they went to Tanjoeng Island together. He was friendly. Faye felt so much better that she had someone accompanied her. This was the beginning of her luck which also helped to survive until the end on that island.
As they arrived there, he explored the island and found a good place for them to make a tent. They made the tent together. It took two hours to be done and made them feel so tired. Tony was really helpful and sincere; they always shared foods and talked a lot too. The weather on that island was hot and dry. It made them thirsty almost all the time. But, they were really lucky. Faye and Tony found many coconut trees in that island. They were even luckier since many coconuts fell down from the trees so that they didn’t have to climb up. They always drank coconut water. Her other luck was she could also find many kinds of birds and deer for their food. Sometime they hunted and barbecued. That was how Faye’s life goes on Tanjoeng Island so that she could survive.
Two weeks had passed, they started to feel weary. They were bored with what they were doing. Suddenly, she remembered that she had not read all her books; they were too excited talking to each other. They made jokes and shared great-funny stories. Faye’s books were, “Mao Last Dancer”, “Royal Ballet school Diaries”, and “Forever”. The authors are “Li Cunxin”, “Alexandra Moss”, and “Judy Blume”. Faye’s favorite book was “Mao Last Dancer”. It was so amazing and unexpected at the end. She was lucky that she brought that book. The book gave her such a high-great inspiration. It told her about his struggle to become a top male dancer. It always reminded her that she would be like him. She had to survive for two more weeks.
One dark evening when we were facing the fleecy cloud at the sky, Tony got a bad news.
Faye asked Tony,” Is there something wrong with you?”
He replied,” No, I’m proud to be here and friend with you, but I think I can’t continue my trip; my mom is very sick right now and she really need me.”
Unfortunately, Tony had to go back home because he was informed that his mother was sick and really needed his help. Faye was so upset that he had to leave. But, Faye always remembered Li Cunxin’s enthusiasms that gave her a high enthusiasm as well. That book and the thought of getting the $10.000 became Faye’s determination. Every moment she imagined the ten thousands US dollars in her hands. It was a huge amount of money that would help her buying things that she wants. This thought and Li Cunxin’s spirit helped her to keep on track and survive until the end.
Faye finally got the $10.000 and became a top woman. Faye was so glad that she survived. As the helicopter landed, her family shouted happily and hugged her tightly. Many reporters came and interviewed her. Even some of the television stations came and had talk shows and press conferences with her and her family.
One of the reporters asked,” What kind of food did you eat there?”
Faye answered,” I ate a lot of food that is unusual for me, something like green vegetable and fish; we also barbequed some meats that Tony has hunted.”
The other reporters from the television station asked,” How do you feel right now after a long period of time being on a deserted island?”
Faye responded,” I feel super happy, proud, and great after being the first survival woman on a deserted island. “
Faye felt like she was a top hollywood celebrity. Tanjoeng Island then became a famous island. Since then, people started to explore Tanjoeng Island. Now Tanjoeng Island becomes one of the 27 paradise islands. Faye’s history and pictures were displayed on Tanjoeng Island. It is unbelievable but true that now, Tanjoeng Island has a nickname called “Ten Thousand Island”. It was an impressive history.

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