The Dragon and the Knight

January 19, 2011
By TGundala GOLD, Somerset, New Jersey
TGundala GOLD, Somerset, New Jersey
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"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight

The villager limps out of his shack, and onto the street. The road is abuzz with whispering and whimpering. People were scared, and they looked up to the sky for some guidance. The cries of help sent to King Arthur seemed to have been ignored, so all was lost. Everyone was walking toward the town circle, where the weekly meeting was held. You could also say this meeting was going to become an execution.

About a month ago, the town was a big fourteenth century hustle-and-bustle city, with trade routes and commerce. Within a day all of that changed. At around midday, a giant object in the sky flew above the horizon. The townspeople were puzzled as to what this could be. As they stood perplexed, an orange ball of flame ejected itself from the object, hurtling straight for the town. KABOOM! The fireball had hit some poor soul’s bungalow. KABOOM! Another one had hit the main street. Soon the air was filled with meteor-like fireballs coming at the town with great speed. The flying object was now clearly visible. The horror of the townsfolk’s’ faces spread throughout the village. Their ancient ancestors’ enemy had returned to haunt them, for 150 feet above them, hovered a sixty-foot long, red, white, and black dragon.

After around an hour of destruction, the dragon retreated to the cave on the mountain overlooking the town. The remaining villagers crawled out from underneath rock formations and sturdy houses and meet at the town circle. The head of the town, Shinoba, called to the people. “What should we do? He will be hungry soon!” The villagers sat in silence for a few minutes. A sharp young woman answered the call. “I know what to do, but you wont like it.” Shinoba pleaded her to tell. Now crying, the young woman says, “We must sacrifice ourselves one by one to this monster. This is the only way he wont attack the village. One person must go up the mountain every week and offer himself to the dragon, or there will be consequences.” The villagers again sat in silence, as no one was brave enough to commit suicide for the good of others. “We have four cows that we can give to the beast for a month until we can decide on another solution. Week by week a cow was led up the mountain and tied to a rock in front of the cave, and the village’s total destruction was delayed by a week. However, the villagers’ good fortune did not last long, as soon there were no cows left.

The villager limps out of his shack, and onto the street. The road is abuzz with whispering and whimpering. People were scared, and they looked up to the sky for some guidance. Everyone was walking toward the town circle, where the weekly meeting was being held. The people arrange themselves into a circle and sit down. Shinoba tearfully says, “Men! Women! People of all ages! We must kill one of our own to save our town…what should we do?” The villagers do not have time to sit in silence because a skinny young man aged about sixteen steps up. He is the son of the town drunkard and is never taken seriously. The people didn’t even know his name. “We cannot give in to this monsters demands! I will go and slay the dragon. No one will live in fear in my town!” says the boy. “Hurray! Hurray!” said half the town. The other half glared at the boy as if he was stupid. “There is no possible way you can defeat a dragon!” said Shinoba. The young man said, “I’ll take my chances, and left without a word.”

The early morning sun awoke the young man, shining brightly on his face. He sits up, prays for a few minutes, and reaches for his armor. He slips on his chest-plate and grabs a sword in his right hard. He picks up a metal shield in his right. He puts his helmet in the crook of his elbow and walks out of the shack strong and dignified. The town is already awake and is waiting for the outcome of this battle between the most fearsome creature known to man, versus the skinny child who put on some armor that was too big for him.

The young man walks up the mountain alone. He puts on his helmet and hikes for a few thousand feet. He gets to the top tired, but ready. The ominous black cave is right in front of him, he could turn back now, but he walks on. He lights a stick on fire and enters the cave. He walks half a mile before he stops abruptly. About three feet away was a four-foot-thick red tail. The dragon is sleeping, how lucky is the young man? He young man steps over the dragons face and thinks about what to do. A dragon must rely on smell and sight so in one fluid motion he burns the monster’s nose and slashes his eyes. The dragon roars in pain and spawns to life, spitting out fireballs by the second, but alas! The dragon cannot see the young man who crept up behind the dragon while avoiding fireballs. SMACK! The razor sharp tail hit the boy’s face. The boy is bleeding like a waterfall and he knew that he wouldn’t last very much longer.
He dodges another fireball and climbs on the back of the beast. The dragon cannot shoot a fireball or whack him with its tail. The young man takes his sword and embeds it deep into the dragon’s heart and lungs. The horrific beast stumbles and falls dead. The force of the beast hitting the floor shakes the cave wall. The young man jumps off the beast and sprints for the exit as the cave collapses around him. He rips of his armor and runs down the mountain at full speed. The townspeople greet him with welcome and call another town meeting. Shinoba exclaims, “This young man has saved us all! Tell me sir, what is your name?” “My name is Jonathan, sir. Jonathan Pendragon, son of the great King Arthur, at your service.” The young man replies calmly.

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hgundala said...
on Jan. 20 2011 at 7:13 pm
wow that was really good i love how he is 16 and wants to take on risks

Sashi said...
on Jan. 20 2011 at 6:25 pm
Nice piece of fiction! The story took me back into the time of dragons and knights. Good description and great ending. A smart brain is any day better than brawn. Keep writing.

i love bacon said...
on Jan. 20 2011 at 3:40 pm
wow that was amazing i love that story

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