The Mysteries of a Forest Chapter 3

November 26, 2010
I ran light lightning across the forest layout. "Keep up!" Nick said while running ahead of me.

The claws hit the solid brush on the ground making the thunder of the thump larger and louder. My fear grew as I heard the deep panting. This was just a dream, right?

Yes, why of course it has to be. To check I slapped my face with my hand. I shouted lightly. I was definitly awake.

"Nick, what is this thing!" I shouted over the rawr of the monster. I continued to ran full speed behind him. "It's the Pantress!" He screamed as he darted left. "Don't you mean BLACK LEPARD!?" I screamed. "No it's different! This is a TRUE monster!" He screamed, "It wants to eat you!" "No s***!" I screamed matter-of-factly.

He jumped. I struggled. What to do!? It was a giant cliff. I wasn't about to stand there and look hopeless but I wasn't going to suffer a major injury jumping. I had no choice, I jumped.

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