The Last Nerd

October 28, 2010
By , Shapleigh M.E, ME

There were four islands where people live in peace and harmony. The four islands can be compared to a kids status in school. The Nerds, The jerks, the popular and the Sport lovers. They all lived together in peace and harmony but it all changed when the sport lovers attacked The Nerds, The jerks and the popular. Only the Poporterderk (this is a combination of the four Island). When they need him the most he died Poporterderk. Two hundred years have past and the war is almost over and the two island are about to die like the nerds state because they were weak. I thought we would live in peace and harmony. These were the last words the nerds said that no one will ever forget because everyone liked them. There have been saying that the last poporterderk was a nerd and that he has lived though that attack will after 200 years people lost faith because all the nerds had died and thought he was not that powerful and died and didn’t rebirth. One girl had never lost faith.
Chapter 1 the great iceberg of fishing

Harry and his younger sister named Annabeth went out fishing they are in the southern part of the populars but there was only one of them in the southern part of the populars. Will when they went out there grandfather said not to be out for long because sense they knew that the sport lovers were coming to capture the last popular in that region of the popular and make it easy to end the southern tribe of the popular. Will when Harry got a bit he reel it in then at the last second he relived that it is was a great big ice berg with something in it.
Chapter 2 the boy in the Iceberg

Will after a good look they realized that the thing in the iceberg was a kid and he look died. Annabeth wanted to try to save him so she grabbed Harry’s sword. He loved that sword so much that he asked it to the dance. It felt like there was a lump on the handle it was so heavy that she had to drag it while she was running to save that boy in the iceberg. Annabeth did a couple of swings and the wind that was trapped inside blow out so fast it nocked here off her feet. “OUCH” from what she said after that you won’t blame her for saying that you could hear the ice crack after she fell. Then that boy got up and then they sow that he was glowing and then it stopped and there stood there and then fell towards them.
Chapter 3 the last poportderk alive

When he waked up he sow that cutes girl in the world. When Harry asked him what his name was looked and said Aaaaa-Chooo then said that his name was Potter. They both looked at him and then they heard a roaring sound and then potter ran all the way over to the other side. Then they sow a robot thing that like a big dog with six legs. When they thought they were save they felt a football fly by there faces. When they turned their heads 90 degrees to the right and sow a sport lovers ship. Then all of a sudden there friend Potter started to glow again and he used the popular powers to Lore them to the Island. Once they got off the ship Potter kick there sorry little butt he threw a punch here and a kick there. Once they took off from the Island they flew on the mechanical machine to the Southern popular Island.

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fredq said...
Dec. 13, 2010 at 8:50 am
what is wrong with you people.  If he asked for comments then why not you give him a comment so he fix it so he can be in the maginze.
fredq said...
Nov. 10, 2010 at 10:50 am
I love this story.
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