The Agents

September 27, 2010
A sudden jerk of the wind catches me off guard. The scorching sun sears my bare chest. I can already feel the burn forming, the pink coloration beginning to become visible. The swift wind has blown the kite off to the left, veering my body in the same direction. As I head towards the rock, the pain in my back becomes almost unbearable, as if a carpenter is sculpting my spine into his next product. The shoulder blade was broken years ago, and apparently is once again failing under the pressure of these dire conditions. Upon looking back, I see the Agents bearing down on me. I make an effort to speed up, but end up slipping as my toes fail to cling to the little traction the board has to offer. I see the cave in the distance, but do not arrive before the Agents get to me. Digging into my pocket, I retrieve a keychain from my childhood that carries what I used to believe was a lucky shark tooth. Such trivial things will never matter again. As the first Agent’s slender body flips from her boat to the board, I drive the fairly large tooth straight between her two breasts and yank downwards, nearly splitting her muscular chest into two pieces. The body plunges into the deep sea, nearly faltering my center of gravity on the narrow board. The second agent now makes an attempt on my life and, having lost the tooth in the murky entrails of the first, I must rely on pure skill to survive. Luckily, I have much of this necessary trait. Agent number two attempts a more subtle maneuver as he dives underneath the board and drives his palms upward. Fortunately, my feet finally muster the strength to clench the board. I spin the board 360 degrees, splitting the Agent’s wrist from his ulna. Dazed from the crushing impact, he falls backwards into the water and begins to flail his limbs in sporadic patterns. Taking advantage of this insanity, I ride the board onto the boat and twist the wheel, forcing the final Agent onto her back. I then wrench the seat from its place and use it to slam the Agent’s nose back into her skull. Blood oozes steadily. I steal her gun, pull the trigger at her forehead, and again at the gas tank as I jump off the boat and back onto my floating board. The Agents, as well as the boat that carries them, sink into the crushing tide, while I make my way into the cave.

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Itwasamurder... said...
Oct. 4, 2010 at 8:41 am

Your "serious writing" is pretty good, I'd reccomend breaking it up a little. I love the ending.


Can you read the Reaper

zimmerguy replied...
Oct. 6, 2010 at 11:26 am

thanks! what do you mean when u say "break it up"?


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