The Discovery

June 24, 2010
By liveswiftly SILVER, Roanoke, Virginia
liveswiftly SILVER, Roanoke, Virginia
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One day Elena, Oksana, Dana, and Abby were walking home from school. When Oksana said, “Look! There is a new mummy exhibit at the museum!” So the girls strolled on inside. What they saw were a bunch of little kids dressed as mummies wandering around the museum. “Let’s go.” said Dana. “Yeah, this is boring! “said Oksana. Then Elena stops and says “Wait!” “We should go see that exhibit over there it’s flashing in a weird way.” said Elena. When they lifted off the dusty sheet, they were awestruck by what they saw. They saw the biggest diamond known to human kind “Wow!” they all said with eyes lit with excitement. “That’s what I saw flashing!”said Elena. “Wait! What’s that flashing on your finger?” said Abby. “Oh its just my ring.” said Elena. “Oh I forgot to show you.” “It was a birthday present from my Aunt.” said Elena. “It’s so pretty!” said Abby. “Hey! Look at your ring’s stone!” exclaimed Dana. “Why?” asked Elena. “It matches with the stone in the museum!” “No it doesn’t!”said Abby. “Yes it does!” cried Oksana. “Look!”she said. The all four girls turned as Elena held her hand up to the huge stone. “It’s an exact match.” whispered Elena full of amazement. Then the girls looked up and saw what time it was. “Yikes!” they all said in panicky voices. “We are so late for dinner.” groaned Abby. “Don’t worry, its Friday.” said Elena. “We will call our parents, and tell them we are staying at Abby’s house.” she said. “Ok!” said the girls in agreement. Then they laughed all the way to Abby’s house. When they got there they did the normal ritual. First having dinner, second manicures, and third tell each other secrets. Today Abby told of the time she swallowed a penny when she was five; and didn’t tell anybody until three days later. After that the girls unrolled their sleeping bags that Abby got for them out of the hall closet. They were finally ready for bed at 11:30pm, after giggling about how they pulled this off. In the morning the girls went downstairs to have breakfast. Elena had two chocolate chip waffles the other one she saved in case she got hungry again. Dana had bacon and eggs. Abby had cereal, and Oksana had cinnamon toast. When the girls finished breakfast they decided to look in the garage to find toys to play with. When they got to the garage they only saw broken toys. “Wait!” Oksana declared. “I can fix them.” she said and to her friends amazement she did it, because then like magic Abby’s toys were fixed. “How about we take walk.” said Dana. “Ok!” agreed her friends. While they were walking Elena saw a squirrel. Then her friends turned and saw that she was talking to the squirrel. The girls stopped as they saw her reach out and pet the wild creature. Then give it a piece of waffle from breakfast. She saw her friends staring at her and said “What!” “I couldn’t have let the little guy go hungry.” Elena said with sympathy. “Yeah, but you talked to him!” said Abby. “Lets just continue with the walk.” said Dana hurriedly. “Hey who wants to learn a cool trick that you can do with grass.” asked Abby. “I do!” said her friends eager to change the subject. “First you put a blade of grass between your two thumbs, like this.” “Then you blow into them.” “That’s it!” said Abby. Then she blew into the blade of grass a second time as she did she felt the earth rumble beneath her feet. “Earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Oksana. Then the girls saw a herd of cattle approach Abby, but she didn’t know that until she turned around. Then she fainted. Her friends got a piece of cloth from Oksana’s backpack. They got it wet with some water from Elena’s water bottle. Then they placed it on her forehead and her eyes fluttered open. “Yeah!” they all cheered except for Abby who was lying on the ground. “A little help please!” Abby said. As soon as Abby was on her feet, Elena asked “How do you feel?” Abby was about to say something when Dana said “Why do you feel weird?” “How did you know how I felt?” Then Dana said “I read your mind.” “Cool!” said Elena. “Can you read my mind?” asked Oksana. Then Dana said, “You’re thinking about cheesecake.” “Yes!” Oksana admitted. Finally the girls came home. “So what are we going to do with these new found powers.” asked Abby. “Well you can talk to animals, you can fix broken things, you can call cows, and I can read minds.” said Dana. Then Elena said “I think we should use our powers to save the world!” “Ok!” her friends said in agreement. “Today is a very memorable day in our friendship together.” they all said.

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on Jul. 9 2010 at 12:00 pm
liveswiftly SILVER, Roanoke, Virginia
5 articles 9 photos 15 comments

Hi Elena!

Wow< that was amazing! I like how you made me eat cinnamon toast for breakfast. This is a very unique and exciting story that you created. I love it!!!!!!! Keep on writting more stories even if you might have writers' cramp. The diamond must have been really huge. Draw me a picture of it and send it to me. You are an amazing, talented, creative, person! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

Your BFF

pappap said...
on Jul. 8 2010 at 7:11 am
Elena  You  continue  to  amaze  me  with your  creativity.  Keep up  the  good work.   We  love  you.  We  LOVE  you    Pappap  &  Grandma

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