The International Spy

April 1, 2010
By nellyjelly BRONZE, Nashu, New Hampshire
nellyjelly BRONZE, Nashu, New Hampshire
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"Chase! Whatcha doin' bud?!" Mom shouted into the backyard.
"I'm gettin' the bad guy Mummy!"
"Come wash up for dinner, you can get more bad guys after supper" his mom shouted, grinning.
Chase ran from the backyard and into the kitchen, slipped his shoes off at the door, and headed towards the bathroom sink. Those early years were where is passion for for 'getting the bad guys' started. By 2001, Chase was graduating at the top of his class from Oklahoma City Highschool and was player of the year in soccer, basketball, and track and field. He was extremely athletic and intelligent, according to Chase, and the FBI, he would make the perfect spy.
Chase was striding down the street rushing to his job interview, which he was just a few minutes late for. Suddenly, Chase passed an alley way and a mysterious person snatched him as he passed by. Immediately his mouth was covered, he tried to fight back but somehow this person that took hold of him was bigger and stronger. You could see the fear in his sharp green eyes. Suddenly he gets thrown into the back of a large, black SUV, and was finally released.
"What is this about!?" Chase shouted sternly.
"We are the FBI, you're working for us now" One man stated as he flashed his badge.
"What do you want with me anyway?" Chase was trying to hide his excitement in seriousness.
"We've had our eye on you for years now. Being selected to work for the government is quite the honor. I'm sure when you get back in contact with your family they will be proud."
Chase sat back in his chair and the ride to wherever they were taking him seemed to take forever. So many thoughts raced through his head. 'When will I see my family again? Are these people really the FBI? Why were they watching me for all these years? How did they know me?' These were all questions where he had to wait for the answers until he got to his mystery location. Suddenly the car stopped. The agents pulled Chase out of the SUV and surrounded him as they walked towards this old shack. He felt short for the first time in years. These men had to be no shorter than 6'5" since Chase was 6'1". Chase did not understand. Why would the FBI take him to such a place? One of the agents used a secret knock and someone opened the door. On the inside of this old shack it was wall to wall computers. This room was full of the most pristine computers on earth.
"What is this place?" Chase asked in awe.
"This is our safehouse. The only people who know about it are people that have been here. This is absolutely top secret, you may not tell anybody what you see or do here. This is the place where you will be getting your training. You will learn everything there is to know about being spy and being part of the FBI."
Weeks went by, Chase made contact with his family one time because contact was limited for the safety of his family. Chase had become one of the best trained spies in the world in a matter of weeks. He learned how to break into the highest security places, use the most technologically advanced equiptment, and how to do hand to hand combat. One morning Chase was awoken by his boss very with a tone that alerted him.
"Agent lets go. We have a mission. Get your pack together immediately. You have 15 minutes."
Within the half hour they were on a direct flight to Japan. There was evidence of millions of dollars stolen from the U.S. in cash and it was Chase's job to get it back.

He stepped off the plane and was ushered again into another safehouse. Immediately he was put into normal clothes for the culture and was strapped with concealed weapons. This mission was do or die.
"You ready?" One of the senior agents asked.
"As ready as I'll ever be."
The agents exit the plane into a busy city. There were buildings that touched the clouds and people everywhere. Some were chatting on their cell phones and others were This reminded him of the pictures of New York City he had seen in books and photographs, when really this was Tokyo, Japan. Chase walks into a small cafe on a busy street. He sits down in a chair in the back corner of the cafe and watches. Soon he sees what he had been waiting for. Target spotted. His eyes fixated on the two japanese men who were now sitting in the cafe having a meeting of sorts. He could tell the seriousness of the conversation by the hand gestures and facial expressions. 7 minutes and 46 seconds passed by the time one of the men noticed Chase's presence. The meeting ended shortly after and the two men left together.
"Boss" Chase said on his walkie-talkie watch with urgency.
"Agent update me on the current status."
"Two subjects headed right out the cafe towards Liao and Jitsu Street. I'm pursuing by foot."
"You have back up if you need it."
Chase headed right outside of the cafe doors, no subjects were in view. He strode down the busy city street, alert of who and what was around him. He couldn't help but notice that his subjects were not in sight. Giving up on his straight path down the sidewalk, he decided to turn down a side alley to search for the criminals. He looked left, then right, no one. Chase turns around to leave and head back to the main road as he turns he sees a man. Trying to play the role of a tourist he asks, "excuse me, sir I think I'm lost. This map is probably the least clear thing I've ever had to look at" he chuckled.
"People don't usually fair well when they lie to me." Chase realized that this was one of the men in the cafe.
"I'm not sure what you're talking about. I'm justa tourist."
"You're an idiot is what you are. Lying to one of the most wanted people in the world? Come on, now Chase, don't be silly" Said the man as if he really thought Chase was an idiot.
The man whipped a knife directly at Chase. He ducked and immediately retaliated with a roundhouse kick. The man punched Chase directly in the jaw, you could see the ring imprint on his chiseled jawline. The force of the blow knocked the agent to the ground. Chase instantly jumped back up and threw an uppercut. The criminal was starting to get angry, he was sure the blow to the face was enough to atleast scare Chase off. Then Chase punched him in the jaw and kneed him in the stomach. Both men were sore and bloody. The man grabbed Chase flipped him around and was about to snap his neck when Chase elbowed him with all his power in the stomach then flipped him to the ground by his neck. Chase checked the man lying on the floor, he was unconcious.
He radioed to his boss, "Got him."

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on Jan. 29 2014 at 12:34 pm
Lilly_Cat BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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The grammar wasn't the best. But the story line was pretty cool. I liked how it ended with all the fight

on Apr. 16 2010 at 12:56 pm
DuskTheRunaway SILVER, San Francisco, California
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It was ok. There really wasn't mush there and the way its formated on the screen made it difficult to read. It seemed a bit rushed and the adjectivesweren't stong. It seemed more cliche to me than anything.


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