March 29, 2010
By Nixii26 BRONZE, East Waterboro, Maine
Nixii26 BRONZE, East Waterboro, Maine
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“Hey man, you ready for tonight?” Asked Silas

“You bet I am. I’ve been planing this for the whole week, not like there’s anything better to do,” I mumbled.

The two guys started walking around the street scoping the area and letting their imagination think up the possibilities of their weekly prank was going to go. This weeks victim would be Mr.Trevinsky, their math teacher. They were planning to super glue his butt to his office chair because after the three weeks of spying on him they realized that every morning before school he would sit down in his suite in tie and drink his coffee.

“Hey Derek, this is the place, you ready? I cant believe we’re going to commit breaking and entering,” Silas’s voice echoed ecstatically.

“Not only that, It’s our teacher! We need to quiet down, or else we’re going to get grabbed by the police for being out on the streets to late. For heaven’s sake it’s Los angels, police are always on the watch,” I said in a hushed voice.

“Okay, it’s four o’ clock, teachers get up extremely early, those teachers are crazy! Who wants to get up this early?” Silas hissed.

They were at the house and approaching the side door from the driveway. The side door was locked as they had planned. I took out one of his sister’s bobby pins from my pocket that I had stolen from her the night before. He pushed the pin into the lock and twisted until he heard a, “Click,” the locked door clicked open as the two friends walked into the dark cold house with their shadows faintly on the white living room walls.

“This way,” Silas whispered almost completely silent.

They finally reached the office, “ I think I hear him waking up!” Silas hoarsely whispered towards me.

“Hang on a second, I’m almost done!” I whispered hoarsely back.

The two went back around the corner towards the door when they slowed down, turned around, and silently shut the door. The second the door shut the sound of a gun went off. Silas nearly jumped out of his skin and I felt my own heart trying to jump right out of my chest!

The two boys turned around to book it, there’s no way in heaven or earth they wanted to meet the guy on the inside! The door flung open and two fists each grabbed a handful of the back of their shirts and hauled the two shocked occupants inside. I wanted to scream, but no voice escaped from my mouth. The man dragged them across the rug and stopped in front of the body.

At first it seemed like he had intentions of just standing there, until he spoke, “You know It would be fairly easy to kill both of you, but I think I have a better idea,” his voice like ice on me and Silas’s veins.
A murmur escaped barely out of my mouth, “W.h..o are you?” My voice trembling.

The man didn’t respond back. Instead he dropped both boys two the ground in the pool of sticky, red, blood. The thud was like having your skull fall on a hammer. The smell of the math teacher’s blood was enough to make a full grown man sick to his stomach.

“Catch,” said the murderer in a completely flat tone.

Instinctively I reached out and grabbed the object he threw towards us, that’s when I realized the horrible mistake I’d made. He was wearing gloves, but me however, on the other hand wasn’t. He was framing me by putting my own fingerprints on the gun. He stood up and left out the front door just as quickly as he had came. I stood up dropping the cold weapon at the scene. I went to turn to my friend, but he was already half way down the block ditching me.

My best friend left me, “How could this all go so wrong?” I asked myself, but didn’t think about it long because I heard distant sirens getting louder. I fled out of the front door and went into the backyard hopping over fences and all. I was finally on the paved back road heading towards my house. I ran three whole blocks with my chest heaving until I finally reached my house. I silently opened the door and walked up the stairs and threw of my blood soaked clothes in exchange for new ones. The sirens were still wailing around and getting closer each second.

“Please god, please don’t let them find out I was there!” I said pacing my room back and fourth. That was until I realized that the cops would search my room if they thought I was the murderer! Which I wasn’t though I was framed, straight up framed! Not only that my fingerprints were on the gun and I had the victims fresh, sticky, blood all over my clothes!

The last thought that I had stopped me in my tracks until I realized the was knocking on the door, “Crap!” I hissed.

“Police! Open up! You have till three until we break the door down! One!” I took off my bloody clothes and through them under all my clothes in the hamper.
“Two.....” The police chanted, as I threw on new clothes.

“Hang on a second I’m coming!” I said as I pounded down the stairs.
I opened the door to two police men with there hands around their belts and one even inching towards their gun. The first man spoke, “Son, do you have any residents we could speak to?”

“Uhh, no. My parents are out on a vacation right now and they wont be back for a while because after that they have to go on a buisness trip.” I said swallowing hard as I finished the sentence.

The two men looked at each other in a quick glance as if they could read each others minds and then looked back towards me afterwards.

“You need to come with us.” They chanted at the same time.

I had no idea what to do, so guess what I chose. You’re right, I ran, up the stairs, down the hall and into the bathroom and locked the door, slamming the door in one of the police man’s face.
“Fine, be difficult, it’s more fun this way anyway.” The first policemen sneered.

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