Forrbidden Blood

March 24, 2010
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Humans are a young species. Naive and easy to manipulate. Unlike me, they do not understand that there is more than meets the blind eye. I was born into a royal family of vampires, demons, witches, mind readers, and other supernatural. A family of kings and queens who ruled kingdoms across the globe. Proving to be dominate amongst most at an adolescent state, even against my sister Starlight, I was destined to be queen of the Underworld and Earth once I reached the age of nineteen. It was a great honor and as wonderful as it sounded, it was not what I wanted in life. I founded what I wanted in life in Samuel, a protective werewolf and my husband for over 9,000 years. At this time, my people looked down on werewolves because of their animalistic ways even though deep inside, we were no better. My grandfather was a werewolf and my own father had him killed once he inherited the throne. No one else in my family possessed the werewolf gene until I was born. I was the only one in the entire family who was a vampire, werewolf, and demon. My powers were limitless and people spared me just on that fact. Being a demon gave me powers of a superhero. Everything from walking through walls to the ability to freeze anything to a block of ice and because of my ice abilities, the Keepers saw me as the Ice Phoenix. A girl in legend which will fight the fire dragon to rule. I did not want to be what everyone in my family wanted and that is a reason the Keepers took Samuel from me. Samuel was killed trying to protect me from the Keepers, the superiors of the supernatural world. It was treason for anyone of my stature to be with a werewolf even though one-third of me is werewolf but that was not why they killed him in front of me. They wanted to prove that they ruled this world. That I was feeble compared to them and I had to be what my kingdom demanded of me but that could not be the only reason. It can't be. I think about Samuel consistently. It seemed as if I would always be... alone in the world amongst the humans. No man could fill the pit. The bottomless dark trench. But then Jessica came around. Jessica is a human that has lived with me for numerous years and it has always been weird. In all my years, i've rarely had a friend and she pops out of nowhere. I feel like I know her but then I don't. What I do know about her is that her fiancé, George, is a man with a mysterious past and he cannot be trusted. Even before I met these two, things have changed around me and I know it is not for the best. This society is blood- thirsty and the citizens will not feed it. Society is starving for the taste of their blood.

Chapter 1: Just The Beginning

I sat on my large brown oak table in the tile floored kitchen, slurping down a cup of animal blood from my vanilla-colored mug. It never quite kept me satisfied, but it kept me from hurting innocents around me but then again, no one is innocent. Blinds on the windows kept the sun from spilling into the house. Unlike others, the sun doesn’t burn my skin, I just don’t enjoy sunlight. The television that hung from the wall in front of me, broadcasted the daily eight a.m. news with Ellen Kamischke. Jessica entered the kitchen wearing banana yellow pajama pants that almost covered her feet and a hazel brown tank top that had "I'm Bananas For You" imprinted on the front in bubbly yellow print. Jessica had her dark brown hair in a messy ponytail. When it was out, it went a little past her shoulders. Her skin was a little pale due to the account that she doesn't really enjoy the sun. Light brown stained the inside of her eyes. She is about as tall as the six foot fridge only a few inches shorter. "Good morning." I greeted with a smile. "Hey." She shuffled straight to the fridge and brought out a banana. What a monkey. She has grown a great deal since our first encounter. Jessica joined me at the table as Kamischke delivered tragic news. "A young woman was found murdered in the alley near Eddie's Bar early this morning. The murder weapon has not been recovered but it seems the suspect has been drained of all her blood." I nearly choked on the blood in my vanilla colored coffee mug. Our eyes were glued to the television. "What seems like puncture wounds were discovered on the right side of the victim's neck. Investigators are not sure what has happened to this young woman but whomever did this is still at large." [click] I shut the television off and set down the coffee mug. "Did you do this?" Jessica immediately questions me, knowing i'm capable of killing someone. "No. You know I would never..." "Diane," I didn't look at her. At no time could I ever look Jessica in her light brown eyes. "Diane," She grabbed my chin and made me look at her. I snatch her arm and pinned it against the table.”Don’t do that.” I warned. "Let go of my arm." Jessica showed signs of tedious pain. The veins in her arm began to pop out. "No." I repeated. There was a dead silence in the room. After a few more agonizing seconds, I released my grip on her arm. As she began to leave the kitchen she held her arm to attempt to stop the throbbing. I didn't reply to what I was seeing. Humans are quick to act, but don’t think of the consequences of their actions. I did expect her to accuse me like she did because humans always need someone to point their fingers at and in her eyes, I am the only thing she sees.

Chapter 2: Blindfold

I pulled my black Lincoln MKZ into my two-car garage beside Jessica's BMW M6 in the lonely house on top of the hill that watched over Salemn. The black paint glistened as the shining light in the garage gazed at the piece of metal. Jessica and George were sitting closely next to each other on the couch as I entered the livingroom through the kitchen area. George was a lightly tanned man with black medium length hair. He had lifeless eyes that spelled trouble and the body of a soldier. I tossed my keys on the spotless glass table in front of them. They both gazed at me, as if expecting a speech from me. "So..." I tried to ignite a conversation between us. The tension was enough to suffocate someone. "So what?" George instantly snapped back. "You are very irritating." I confessed while exposing my fangs. "Deal with it." George stood up. He was a fool amongst the humans. The one who challenged the unknown to prove he was stronger. "Gladly." I was instantly centimeters from him . "Hey," Jessica stepped in front of me and glared into my furious eyes. "we talked about this." She reminded. My fangs went back into my gums. "Fine Jess. I will leave your human in peace." Jessica got George to sit beside her once more. "Thank you." She said. George sat there with his arms crossed as I went up the carpet covered spiral steps, nodding my head. "B****." Jessica nudged George. "She has great hearing." "Why do you stay with her Jessica? Knowing that one day her thirst for human blood will takeover ?" "She accepted me into her life and took care of me when I did not have anywhere else to go. Would she go through all of it just do that she could kill me in the end?" Jessica responded. “You can’t trust people like her.” George claimed. He has been trying to convince Jessica that I was such a horrible evil since the day she told him about what I really am. I sat on my king- sized bed that was covered in a black blanket, listening to his feebleminded nonsense. A clamorous thud outside my window, made me sit up. The noise was obviously to get my attention. I cautiously peeled the window just enough for me to climb through. A hasty figure dashed across the yard. I sprung from the window and onto the lawn. (giggle] What sounded like a young girl’s snicker, flowed through the air. A sudden figure tackled me into the house. “Ahhh.” The figure covered my mouth. I couldn’t see the figure, for it was perfectly hidden by the shadows. Muffled noise came from between their fingers. It was a male. His hands crawled with hair. A dagger appeared from the shadow. I was defenseless against the man, who was somehow stronger than I was. The dagger slit the side of my stomach. The pain was almost enough to make tears come out of my eyes. He bent my head to the side so that I could not see his face as he used his long-winded tongue to savior the taste of my skin. My heart rate began to accelerate quickly as a rippling pain surged through my body. The world became blurry when I was released and fell to the grassy lawn. I saw the figure creeping away from me but I could not make out a face. Unsteady and feeble, I got to my feet. I used the house to get to the front door. As soon as I opened the door, I fell to the wood. “Diane!” Jessica’s voice was faint as the world began to turn black around me...

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Violinist said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 7:41 am
thank you very much
Katherine93 said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 6:04 am

WOW! love it...

you really capture the reader with the detail that you put into your work....

i definately want to see more of this!

would you please read my stories "Moon and Sun" and "Dear ______" please, they're in parts but i really need the feedback on them! again... well done and keep up the good work you definately have a very good imagination and a skilll in creative writing! :)

ZAVERY said...
Apr. 18, 2010 at 9:18 am
I really love the description you put into this, especially the ending! You're kind of right. Our writings are kind of common in description, in a way. Can you post more of your work PLEASE?
Violinist replied...
Apr. 18, 2010 at 7:45 pm
They are being approved right now but will be up soon
ZAVERY replied...
Apr. 19, 2010 at 3:09 pm
That's good. Thanks for telling me!
Violinist replied...
Apr. 19, 2010 at 11:15 pm
no problem
Violinist said...
Apr. 18, 2010 at 1:38 am
I would like to know what those who read this think of it
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