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Special Sycik

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Chapter 2
All becomes clear

All of suddenly, two people just pop out of nowhere in a swirl of blue light. The two people looked to be my age. A boy and a girl. They took a look around and started whispering.

“I told you we were to late. They all ready got his family… What can we do now…? Take him with us? We can use his help…”
This continued for a couple of minutes before I interrupted them.
“Hey! What and who are you guys? What happened to my family?”
They took a look at me and then the girl spoke.
“Okay Chris—”
“How do you know my name?!?” I was shocked!
“If you just listen for a minute and not talk I can, hopefully, explain everything.”

I shut-up and started listening because I, somehow, knew that this was important and would affect me in someway. She continued.

“My name is Rose Thomas. My friend here is Benji, his last name I don’t know. We know about you and your powers. We have powers too. I am telepathic and I can see the future. So I was able to know that we were going to meet and what will and already happened to you and your family.”
She said all this very fast and said it like I was supposed to understand it all.
“Benji here has teleportation and can travel through time and bring people with him. What happened to your family, we already have experienced. We are working against this organization, Sycik, that knows about these powers and want to use them for bad. They already have captured three teenagers and brain-washed them into to working for their side. We already know who they are and what their powers are: Crystal Ahnietgy, she can control minds and have ice power. She can take control of your mind and make you do anything once under her control. She can also freeze anything. There is also April Mothez. She is blind, but with ultrasonic hearing. She also has the power to control the shadow. She can make shadows solid and drag you into the shadows too. She can also be in the shadow. The last one that we know about is Kenna Reiad. She is a shape-shifter or a morpher. She can change into anything she sees. She is also able to stretch really long, like her bones are made of elastic. We have pictures of them here.”

She showed me four pictures. One of an Asian girl with waist-long hair. Another of an American-looking girl with glasses. The third one is one of an African-looking girl. The last one is of a group of men in black suits with black sunglasses. After I had a look at the pictures, the boy named Benji spoke.

“The one in front of that group is named Dr. Alex White. He is the leader. One of the mad scientists in Sycik. Your parents and ours won’t be back until we have joined their side. The ones that have, had their parents back with their minds brain-washed into thinking that they have no children.”
I took this all in with a billion questions, but I knew that this wasn’t the time to ask them.
“So what do we have to do? I mean what is this, Sycik, group going to do with us?” I asked.
“They are going to take the over the world with us. That sounds unreal, right? But trust us I can assure that this is different from what you see in the movies. This is the real…” Rose went into a trance.
“Rose! What did you see?” asked Benji.
“They know that we’re here…”
I looked from one to the other. I had my throat in knots.
“Chris, hurry up and pack a few things, we’re going to leave here and go somewhere else.”

I just took off to my room after I heard these words. Somehow, the words just clicked together. I knew that my powers couldn’t stay a secret forever. So there’s a group looking for me and want to use my power for bad!?! That is not going to happen.

I got to my room with Benji and Rose at my rear. I looked around and decided to take all of my money and some clothes. I stuffed them into my backpack. Just then, the sound of the front door crashing reached my room.
Rose screamed.
“Chris hurry up! Set the house on fire to remove any trace that we were ever here!”

I gathered up the last of my belonging, zipped up my backpack and stood up. Benji told me to hold on to his arm, Rose already having done so, it looked like that they have done this a thousand times already. I grabbed on and set the kitchen on fire along with the living room. A second before we teleported, I same men I saw in the picture came barging in my room with that African girl in the lead. She stretched out her arm to grab us. A millisecond too late, Benji, Rose, and I had already teleported off to somewhere.

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