The Adventures of Nymph and Nimus (Intro)

October 28, 2009
His first steps into Irys were cold, unwelcoming. But that meant little. He had many more steps ahead, and he had to prepare. The name was Nymph, and he loved earthworms. Nothing made him happier than a big pile of warm, wiggling earthworms, except, maybe annoying his companion with what was apparently intense A.D.D., which all the members of his race (Quints, for the record) suffered from. It never failed to get the people around him screaming. Nimus stepped along side his lone friend and yawned. A brilliant Ank, through and through, with an uncanny knack for tinkering and a quick, resourceful mind, he completely counteracted Nymph, although sudden bouts of incredible hyper-activity could sometimes end in quite a lot of damage. Anyways, their journey together has just begun, and they have many roads to travel and worms to find, my friend.

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