Boston University Review

November 27, 2017
By Anonymous

   College is one of the most important parts of our lives after High School. Going to a good college may give you, a wide range of good jobs in the future with a good salary as researchers have pointed out. Most people may think that if they don’t go to a good college, they fail at life. This is only half true, College is not everything for a successful life. There are people who are successful without it, but there is a difference between those peoples compared to the dropouts. They have connections to the higher ups of successful companies from their families and friend support. People without support from their families or any friends to help them, will have a harder time in life without a good education. You may also gain a lot just from a good reputation.


   Boston University seem to be a very good school. They are ranked 32 in the 2018 edition of ‘’Best Colleges is National Universities’’. Without a scholarship for this college, people will have to pay $53,346 for It’s tuition and fees. This seems not so bad, since most colleges cost a lot of money plus there are many people in today’s life that have not pay off all of it yet. They seem to show regret over that from reports by researchers. Ways to get a scholarship is to do very well at SAT, since the recruitment for Boston University is 600 - 690 for [Writing], 570 - 680 for [Reading], and 620 - 730 for [Math]. Be very good at a sport, and hope people recognized you for it, or join the military to get a free scholarship.


   From childhood, some of us have dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. It became harder for us to achieve that dream as we grow up, learning that life is not that easy. Going to a college give you skills to found a job that you may want, and that is a good motive for you to achieve your dream. Colleges over the world, each have different courses they can offer to the students like for an example: Boston University have courses such as Aerospace Engineering, if you want to be a engineer that work for NASA one day plus they have a lot of courses in engineering. They also have computer science as a course, if you want to be a programer. Psychology is also a course, if you want to be a psychologist.


   Boston University have some pretty cool student organizations such as the Anime Club, PC Gaming Club, Archaeology Society, Curling Club, Film Club, Marine Science Association, Photography Club, Society of Women Engineers, and others. I love that Boston University have a wide range of student organizations, so the students can have a good time, and make friends with the same taste as them. Most high schools don’t have that many clubs due to teachers not wanting to be club advisers, so this can be a new expensive for you.


   The school building is beautiful, and it is located in Boston, MA. Boston, MA is full with great people, and living in a city can help prepare you for life more. There are many opportunities, since you can study anything you want. You will have the ability to apply for internship in the city. The public transportation is at your front door, and students have easy access to internships in the city. With Boston as it’s campus, students are not tired for something to do. The academics are great, and there is opportunity to do research with your professors."

The author's comments:

Boston, MA is a cool place.

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