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By Emily C., Cohasset, MA

     Brunswick, ME: Unique to Bowdoin, foundedin 1794, “The Offer of the College” promises a comfortablelife, a plethora of opportunities, and overall enjoyment of the collegeexperience. I expect my journey to be based on these ideas. First, Ihope “to be at home in all lands and all ages.” Brunswick,population 21,000, shares the same beauty and small coastal town feelingas my hometown. Not only would this ensure a sense of security, but itwould provide a relaxed environment to offset the rigorous education Iseek. Within the college, an average class size of under 20 students anda student-faculty ratio of 10:1 allows professors to give more guidanceto each student.

From a more academic standpoint, my journey atBowdoin will allow me “to carry the keys of the world’slibrary in [my] pocket.” Not only will I have all the experiencenecessary to continue after college, but during these four years I willhave every resource necessary to reach my academic goals. Aspiring topursue a career in medicine, the availability of majors like biology,chemistry, neuroscience, and psychology gives me room to explore thisinterest. The option to create courses gives me a freedom not availableat many schools.

Also guiding my exploration, resources like theBaldwin Center for Academic Counseling can help me choose the correctcourses to complete my major’s requirements. The BowdoinScience Experience offers a hands-on program, allowing pre-med studentsthe chance to work like professionals. In addition, the Coastal StudiesCenter will not only expand my knowledge of coastal research that I havealready acquired from my Center for Student Coastal Research projectsduring the summer, but it offers an even wider range of study forstudents interested in science. I hope to take advantage of allBowdoin’s resources, accumulating the necessary knowledge andexperience to continue on to medical school.

Like any studentabout to enter college, I hope “to lose [myself] ingeneral enthusiasms.” I am thrilled that my passion forthe sciences can be enhanced through the resources at Bowdoin. Equallyimportant, I want to live with those who share my eagerness forknowledge. I’m sure that any Bowdoin student, since they areattending such a prestigious school (Bowdoin accepted 21.6% of thoseapplying in the fall of 2006), would have determination and curiositysimilar to mine. All these aspects of Bowdoin would ultimately make myjourney the best four years of my life.

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