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Special Circumstances

By , Middleton, WI
My junior year was filled with unexpected challenges. My parents separated and I stayed with my bipolar mother because her doctor was worried she would kill herself if she was alone. The year continued to deteriorate when my mother threatened and tried to kill herself in front of me. I had to call the cops and she was hospitalized. After I saw my mother almost die in front of me I started worrying about her death constantly. Whenever she said a negative comment I would be struck by a panic attack. My anxiety about my mother lead me to extreme insomnia where I wouldn’t sleep for days. My doctors tried CBT and medication for my anxiety, but nothing seemed to help. I missed school the entire month of December and that added to my stress levels. My doctor wanted me to take 2nd semester off school, but I wanted to stay on track in my classes. As a compromise, I only took two classes second semester my junior year.The doctors tried to help my mother, but could only forcibly hospitalize her for a short amount of time. Therefore, she returned home. Her bipolar continued to spin out of control so they started a round of ECT. Her attitude problems have improved, but it is now like we have a child in our house. She cannot remember anything told to her and asked questions repeatedly. In addition, she is afraid of simple tasks that she has done her entire life.
Going into senior year my entire schedule had to be built around the fact that I did not take many classes second semester. Instead of taking AP Physics and AP Chemistry as I had planned to take ,I have to finish Pre-Calculus and Honors Physics. Also, I had to take a speech class and P.E. class in order to graduate.
I tried to keep my grades afloat despite missing a full month of school and I believe that I was pretty successful. I did receive my lowest grade of high school , a B, in Pre-Calculus during this time. Looking back on my freshman and sophomore years you will see I always received A’s in math classes. Also, my Spanish grade struggled due to the lack of time in class. My grade dropped from an extremely high A to a B+.
Despite everything my grade point average has remained a solid 3.88 and will most likely increase my senior year. I will still graduate with all my classmates and push myself to new limits this year. This year, my aim is to recover my grades and coursework.

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