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Sometimes life just feels like a black abyss of nothing. Morbid I know, but the truth can be just as dramatic as it sounds. Day by day, I do nothing and say nothing significant. I just walk from class to class, eat my usual lunch, start meaningless chatter amongst familiar faces. A montage of never-ending... nothingness. Obviously, this nothingness is not intentional. Going through the motions is just out of habit when everything is moving in constant fast-forward. Day by day, I am just existing - nothing less or nothing more.

But today is different because today is Thursday. Thursday, my savior from thoughtless navigation and accidental indifference by the soft crack of a leather-bound piece of genius. Thursday, when time slows down and I am lost within the world of a book. I read and read, I start after school and I end sometime late that night. Every Thursday is like this and it has been like this for quite awhile now, something to save me from myself I suppose. Sometimes I constantly read one book until I finish it after a couple of weeks, but other Thursdays I read certain excerpts from all different books that have been highlighted and dog-tagged until the text is hardly legible. Today is a Harry Potter and Hunger Games day. I flip through some of my favorite quotes, and the nothingness is shattered. I am enlightened and rejuvenated once more.

For the next couple of days, I am as brave as the boy who lived, or as daring as the girl on fire. And all of a sudden, that girl down the street with the big blue eyes and the worn converse does not seem so out of reach, and that really smart school that not a single family member of mine has attended does not seem so silly to dream about. The meaningless chatter will turn into intelligent debate. Life will slow down a little; the sunset will no longer go unnoticed and the lyrics will be intimately felt. I am alive again. Because a good book does more than just exist. It inspires.

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SpencerJ83 said...
Jan. 9, 2013 at 7:25 pm
Hi, I submitted this essay for college and I was wondering if I could get any feedback on it? Thanks
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