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How I Learned To Relax and Laugh At Myself

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Where do I even begin? Through life you learn about others and yourself ofcourse. In highschool you learn who your real friends are, you find yourself, you do things that might even seem outrageus. In highschool you have tests,exams, finals and that can be very stressful for most teens. So what do you do? You relax because stress isnt good sometimes all you need is a little time with your friends and just hangout that can be a big stress reliever. Music can also be a stress reliever music says more about us then we can ever say in person. Its like your in a different world. Sometimes music is all you need it can help us and studies show it can lower depression by 78.8%. Also looking back every once in a while looking back in the fun moments with friends and family. When funny moments happen or something embarrassing happens to you well..... you just got to laugh at yourself and enjoy the moment, because nothing stays the same forever. Laughter can do so much for you, when your stressed just take a breath relax and turn up some music and dance. Ofcouse be careful and dont do something stupid you'll regret. Ive recently learned to relax by spending the whole weekend with my family,playing sports, going for a run, and hanging out with friends. To be honest thats just what I needed I felt at peace more relaxed and ready for the week. I felt more happier because I spent time with family and realized what was more important.I learned how to relax,but not laugh at myself? Well I just thought about the silly things I did with my frineds like the time my best friends ex called she told to tell him "she wasnt home" well sill me I told him "yeah shes here Ill let you talk to her" Thats when I laughed at myself. That moment thats when I learned to laugh at myself and now I do it more often it makes the situation more fun. Maybe Ill do that more often.

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