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Not a Typical Undergraduate

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I peered out the window while awaiting a brilliant idea for the Common Application essay. My English instructor always told me to be coherent but concise; most of the time, I unheeded it. The more I complained about this quest, the more I thought about how I could distinguish myself from those boring sycophants. I pondered about how many essays would go on and on about some adversity in their life or a person who had a significant influenceon them. I finally settled on a delicate approach to the task of portraying myself as an atypical individual without being wordy and redundant.

First of all, I want to suppress your memory of this nerdy girl with pigtails, a white collared shirt, a knee-length plaid skirt, and tennis shoes. I am an African American woman who conduces to a worldwide diversity on any campus. I am not cultured with the whole Aeropostale look, the latest Jordans, and the freshest hairstyle. Preferably, I am the outcast you will see with a ponytail, baggy jeans, a T-shirt, and tennis shoes. Personally, I don’t see why you have to purchase up-to-date clothing when it will be out-of-date in a month or two. I am seldom in a “perfect mood.”In a nutshell, I am the tomboy everyone would run from as a result of my attire.

I am picturing the panel of admission officers cutting glances at my paper. How does my awkwardness make me an elite individual? Apart from my ineptness, I am mentally silly;nevertheless, I am fervent about my future. Unlike anyone else at my school, I want to become an obstetrician and gynecologist (OB/GYN). I plan to major in Biology and minor in Communication. At times, I can be a bit argumentative when I want to explain something that I know for a fact. I appreciate constructive criticism because it formulates me into a God-fearing Christian. However, I fall short to sarcasm of the witty individual and avoid overpowering my speech.

My complexity can overwhelm my mediocre brain. For example, I am always that student who overdoes a project with fancy decorations and excessive ink. Also, in order to ignore people who criticize my effort, I may even tend to talk to myself. Likewise, I also daydream when my mind gets distracted by something that has happened in my life but I never lose focus on what is happening in the present. Diversity isn’t based on race, gender, financial need, or intellect. It calls to attention that characteristic that makes people remember you.

As you can see, I realized I may get teased on because of my out-of-date T-shirt and baggy jeans. I know professors may get tired of overdid projects. I am not a perfect individual. This is what makes me an ideal candidate for a scholarship at your university. My name is Diversity.

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