April 28, 2008
For 8 years I haven't smelled this sent like "wet dirt" as if it had barely rained. Entering the town I could see the little kids, they looked like if they hadn't received a meal for weeks. I astonish on so much poorness that lived apond the people. Also on the way they viewed us, they looked at us like if we were some kind of aliens.

If they only new that i wasn't that different from them. Growing up was hard try having four brothers and six sisters. Coming back was like a dream to me,arfter "eight years".

I could sense that they thought that just because we had drove in with an Expedition and the fact that we were from the north lead them to believe that we “lived the life” like the celebrities on MTV or something.

It was July 20 2007 that me and my sister Carmen arrived at Guadalajara Mexico, we didn't exactly stay in that specific place, we were in my (rancho) Coralillos.We were gathered by candle, horses, dogs, rosters etc.

On the otherside there lived a room fuelled of hugs and kisses, comments on each other. “You've change so much look at you, all their was to say was "GRCIAS".

Later on we went to Zapotlaneho it's a town near by. Me and my sister were so happy seeing all of the stores full of clothes, shoes mini marts full of junk food, oh my gosh I didn’t even know were to start,thoughts going tru my head "man everything looks so good" but all that happiness faded away, when we came across a stranger, a teenager in specific words.

I could here for behind what horrible things she was saying about us just because we were dressed nice." Ay mira ay van las qremosas" they said oh look there goes snobs, they could tell that we were not from around here, my sister told me to let it go and so I did.

Later when we had arrived home, I was just staring at the selling thinking why do they view us in such a matter. I felt like crying but no longer did I want to shed anymore tears, I was here for a vacation,not to sit around and care for what other people had to say about me.

The next morning my sister Carmen took me to my aunt's house. Their village seemed so torn down, we were waiting outside her house for my Tia to open her door. I was starting to feel sick I felt the bug's trying to get on top of me I didn't know what to do, I couldn't scream because then my aunt was going to feel bad, all I could to was to resist it .

At one point I stared to see how lucky I was to have a home back in the U.S. Know I saw why so many people what to have a better life, and that is what leads them to want to come live up north. I wish I could do something about this why is the government not doing anything about this , why cant they do something I felt like doing something, but I knew that would be impossible to accomplish I’m only 15.

I just went along with my life , At night time we all gathered in a little fire place. My aunt had made "atole" it's a Mexican drink, we all stared at each other not knowing what to speak about acsedentliy I spilled the beans I just spoke my mind to my aunt. "Tia" I’m sorry for the question but how do you do it how can you live like this and on top of all that by your self how do you do it I actually admire you for you braveness you have to live like this.

Her reply was a deep breath for a while then she answered" well honey this is the way I halved live trout my life change if that is what you are trying to tell is not an option for me anymore I got used to it already don't you remember when you use to live her mija don’t take this the wrong way but to me it seems as if you forgot all about your past as if you never lived here."

Wetness was on my face I ran out the door my tia was following right behind me I didn’t even want to speak with her all she did was make things worse "how could I be so nieve I didn’t what things to turn out like this" as time past I got over it time.

Are department had arrived but before we left I had one more stop it was at Santo Torivio Romo is known for making big miracles. As I aproced the church his a tomb lay in the middle of the church. It was made out of glass so you could see him.

The line to get inside the church took for ever. Finally my turn had come instead of just walking and taking a seat. I neald down walling in my knees asking him to please help my family for them not to suffer as much anymore when I was done I finished it of with a Padre Nuestro, and asked for a final thing. For are trip back to be safe. Now my conchence felt better as soon I got home I thanked my mom I was more grateful of my life I didn’t take that many things for granted like I used to now as viewed things in a different perspective being able to be grateful of the great things that surrounds me every day. know I told myself "today is the day that you should push yourself more to try to be a better person an a student that way when you grow up you can go back to Mexico and give that restroom that my tia has never had and a house of her dreams I got on my knees touched the dirt that lay there not knowing when the day I will come back to this gathering all my thoughts making sure that when I go back to my mom and all my family I'll be more considerate I got that dirt all put it on my palm and yelled for this ill never forget you Guadalajara! You will always be in my heart.

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