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My Drastic Personal Metamorphosis This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

It’s not very useful to continue reminiscing about bitter antecedents most especially when they are about certain melancholic memories. This is something I’ve come to realize very slowly throughout my high school years. Life is full of hardships and struggles, and one of the elements that make us all unique and distinct from one another is how we learn from and react to them because life is what you make of it. The obstacles I’ve faced throughout my life have shaped the individual I’ve become today. Without question, obstacles can be converted into stepping stones creating the path to success, but that’s something that was not clear to me until recently.

As an infant, I was always traveling back and forth between the United States and the Dominican Republic, where I was born. My mother would sometimes return to the United States all by herself while my younger brother and I remained in the Dominican Republic with my father. She would work in America and return seven to eight months later, but the ugly truth was that she was actually running away from my father’s aggressiveness, mistreatment, and violent nature. One day, my mother secretly returned to the Dominican Republic and took my brother and I back to America with her. The three of us settled in Dayton Ohio, a very peaceful and quiet region where I quickly adapted. I enjoyed school and had many friends due to my playful and lively personality, but I had no special talents that I knew of at that time. My English was not very advanced, so I performed poorly in classes and sometimes felt out of place because of my accent. It did not take me too long before I had almost “mastered” the language and had finally found friends whom I cherished deeply. At home, the economic status was superb because my mother was extremely hard working and very serious about her job packing boxes at Borough’s Paper Industry. Some years later, my mother told me that we would be moving to New York City. My mother never learned to speak English; even to this day she hasn’t learned; this was the main reason we were moving. The Spanish speaking communities and the many family members we had in New York City were enough reason for my mother to hastily decide to move to the city. When the moving day came, I was forced to leave the life I had so carefully constructed in Ohio.

In New York City, everything was different. I would no longer have a bus arrive at my door steps to take me to school. I would have to take a train full of strange people dozens of blocks away from home. The most challenging difference was that children in New York City would speak drastically different from those of us from Ohio, and this was something I had to quickly adapt to. I expected to face all kinds of challenges in New York City, but the one thing I did not expect was to become homeless and to live in a shelter for almost a whole entire year. During my freshman year in high school, I was living in a shelter in the Bronx New York. After countless appointments, hearings, and searching, we were able to find an apartment we could live in without any issues until my junior year.

To my dismay, all of the major struggles began in my junior year. The lease expired and the letters from the Department of Homeless Services and the landlord began to fill up our mailbox. With all the commotion, the packing, and unpacking at home, I found it nearly impossible to concentrate on my assignments. I found myself carrying a lot of the weight that my mother was carrying due to the fact that I sometimes had to miss school to go to the many appointments with her to serve as her translator. To this day, I consider this to have been the greatest obstacle I have had to face in my entire life. For this reason, my dream to become my class’ highest academic achiever tumbled away from me and my dream to get into my first choice university became further and farther beyond my reach. I sometimes wince in disappointment or brace myself before taking a look at my transcript. Today, I still face the same obstacles, but I have learned to disregard them and just look ahead for the sake of my future.

My housing situation has gone from bad to worse throughout these past few months. It turns out that all of my mother’s hard work to keep our current apartment was all in vain due to the fact that we have to move in a matter of a few months. The new challenge is to locate another apartment that would suit our economic budget and in which we would be able to live comfortably. At this rate, we could end up anywhere despite the reality that we cannot count on my father for practically anything since he has never been responsible for my brother and I. Recuperation from my academic failure due to this obstacle was extremely hard for me because I believed that I was too far away from my dream of graduating with the highest academic honors in my high school. I gradually realized that as long as I get a good education and become successful beyond high school, I would not have to go through the same crisis my family and I had to undergo; I realized that I could someday help my mother to lead a better life. I used this new dream of mine to work as hard as I could and to succeed in classes like I had done in the past.

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