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My Future.

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My future will be mine. It will not be determined by meaningless expectation, pressure, or society. It will be unanticipated by everyone I’ve ever known. It will be written about in newspapers and recalled in others’ memoirs. It will be everything I want it to be, and nothing anyone else wants it to be. It will be wonderfully unique, exhilarating, instructional, first hand, glorious, and unrepeated.

I will loudly shout dirty proclamations in French in the middle of Times Square. I will not take what I get; I will not ever be satisfied until I deserve to be. I will make a change in everything I don’t believe in, starting with inequality, which is, in essence, inhumane. I will attempt to fix the countless mistakes humans have made, and though there is no way I can possibly fix them all, I will not leave this Earth without making a difference and inspiring others to do the same.

I will educate. I will teach everyone who wants to be taught, through truth and experience and uncensored learning. My tuition will be excitement and passion, and I will never expect any more. I will teach my pupils to be anyone and everything they want to be and possibly can be. I will encourage question and action, answer and influence. I will never let potential be ignored, and I will never let an opportunity be passed up. I will instruct those who want it to be the people they can be, to be humans they yearn to be and know and paint and write about.

I will travel. I will be unleashed and diverse and intelligently well rounded. I will never let one culture; particularly the one I was raised with and around, dominate my beliefs and perspective. I will not stay in hotels, but sleep on park benches and hostiles and the couch of a fellow kindhearted human being. I will eat foods whose name I cannot pronounce, and write letters home to my friends and family who are jealous and disgusted and bored and remain unpersuded.

I will be free. I will run through luscious green fields of soft grass, kicking off sandals and pulling off sweaters and never looking back.

I will have faith, and will never doubt an instinct, feeling, sentiment, judgment. Who can I trust if I can’t trust myself, my own mind, my own well being? I will never make myself vulnerable to a god or church or parent or teacher. Every decision I make will come from me, every thought I think will be entirely original. Every word I say will be mine, every word I write will be read.

I will love. I will sing, I will dance, I will be happy. I will draw, paint, write, photograph, and remember.

I will not forget. My future is mine.

My future is mine.

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Sammy94 said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 10:42 am
Really original..keep it on!
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