Name Piece

January 17, 2011
By Jordan Fisher BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Jordan Fisher BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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As strange as it is, my name means to flow, according to the internet. That definition left me clueless. Once I researched it, it lead me to explaining how this name originated from the river located in southwest Asia. Which means nothing special and left me clueless, once again.
I’ve also found out my name means to descend. How does that have to do with a person? As much as I like my name, I dislike the meaning behind it. These definitions make me sound like a boring, plain, non significant person.
I want a name that describes who I am, somebody fun, friendly, smart, funny, and determined to succeed in life.
Somebody who can turn a boring day with friends to a night to remember, somebody who can get along with anybody no matter the appearance, somebody who is a problem solver, somebody who can cheer up the most depressed people at times, and someone who sets goals and doesn’t quit until they achieve them. Maybe I can start a new meaning behind my name, something exciting and impressive, but for now I’m Jordan.

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