La Vie En Rose

December 8, 2013
By -Ana-, paranaque city, Other
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-Ana-, Paranaque City, Other
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Author's note: "'Im looking at the world through rose colored glasses and it says everything I feel"

The author's comments:
This is my first novel so I dont really expect much in the end but, please tell me your honest opinions and my mistakes or any corrections that I need to change or add. Feel free to tell me anything :)

There are some choices in life that you will regret. But there are also some that you will always remember. There are some memories that you might want to forget, but there are some memories that you want to last forever. But one day, there will come a time where you will choose the right person and you know that, that person will stand by you for better for worst, for richer for poor, until or even after your last dying breath.
For generations, my family has run what's now known as Oxford Medical Centre, that my mother, Valerie, used to manage. Since her death when I was 5, Uncle Thomas took over and managed the hospital. My father, Ayden, is the CEO of Wood Corporations, one of the most known corp. in the world.
Today is the 24th of August. It has been two weeks since I started working at the hospital as an OBYGN. I graduated four weeks ago from The University of Oxford with a pre-med of B.S Nursing and then my profession, which is Obstetrics. Ever since college, I've always had a hectic schedule, but now this is just madness. I work at the hospital from Monday to Friday, both home and at the hospital from eight in the morning until nine in the evening. At weekends, depending on my schedule, I help out at my Dad's company and my Uncle Eric's publishing company, which I have been working since I was fifteen. I am now all work and no play. Heck, there isn't even time to breath!
I’m in my office at the hospital and is currently talking with my last patient. She's seven months pregnant and I have just finished taking her tests.
“The baby is healthy and there are no complications” I said while writing prescriptions on the paper. “Here are the necessary vitamin that you have to drink until your about eight months” I gave her the paper with the prescriptions.
“Thank you very much Dr. Wood. Thank you for taking care of me and my baby, as always” she giggles then smiles at me.
“My pleasure Ms Lumbridge” She stands and I follow “I’ll see you in 2 months’ time. Be free to call me anytime if you experience any complications”
“Of course”. She gives me a hug and I hug her back. We said our good byes and I ushered her to the door. Phew. That's the last one for today. I glanced up to the watch. 8:30. well, time to head home. After 10 hours of duty in the hospital, I’m finally able to get some rest. Ever since I started my residency, I’ve been lacking sleep and have absolutely no time for any other engagements..
I took my Doctors coat of, hanged it inside the small but tall cabinet, and then proceeded to fixing my things. I grabbed my bag then shut the lights off. I walked to the nurses’ station then punched my card.
“See you tomorrow Dr. Wood” One of the nurses said.
“See you as well. Get plenty of sleep. You look tired”
She giggles “Yes. I will. Safe driving Doctor”.

I wave my hand good bye, then took of to my car then drove to Dad's office.


I pushed the 24th elevator button then waited to arrive at my father's floor. Thing! I got off then proceeded inside.
“Hi Karen” I said to Dad's secretary.
“Hello Ms Alexandra, you father’s been expecting for you”
“Thank you”. I opened door to my Dad's office then went inside.
“Knock, Knock, ready to go home?”
“In a minute” he says while scribbling something on his paperwork.
“Anything I can help with?” Leaning down and hugging his neck to look.
He chuckles “No, no. I’m just about finished”. He signs the last piece of paper work. I let his neck go and took the finished papers to fix and maybe read. Mayford Enterprises? I scan through the pages and gasped at the typed words.
“Partnership? You’re going to establish a partnership with Mr Mayford?” I asked. My voice sounding obviously shocked and curious.
“Yes. We talked about it since you were in college so I never got to tell” He sets his papers aside and slumps down to his chair.
“Wow, Uhh, I don’t know what to say. I knew you and Uncle Leon wanted to have a partnership together, but I never realized that it would be so soon”
“The gears have been set into motion and the papers that you’re holding is the entire contract. I'm going to get Karen to send it via fax to Mayford this evening”. He stands up and I give him the papers. He runs his fingers through my hair and goes out to give Karen the papers.
Why do I feel like something’s wrong? There's something he's not telling me. But what? Is there something wrong with the Partnership?
“Ready to go?” then I snapped out of my inner monologue.
“Ah...Um... Yes” I stood up then we left the office.


After a quick shower, I wore my pyjamas then sat down to blow dry my hair. For some reason, I can’t get this curious feeling off me. I have this feeling that the contract somewhat involves something. It’s either something between them that they've agreed on or something that concerns me. As I am deep in thought, I turn the blower off and just sat there thinking then a knock on the door wakes me up and returns me to reality. I stood up then opened the door.
“Milady” the person outside my door replied
“Oh, Hayate it’s you”. He is our personal butler and has been working for us since the day I was born. “Is there something wrong?” He smiles softly then shakes his head.
“No. Everything is fine Milady”
“Then what is it?”
“Your father wishes to speak with you in the study”.
I look down. “ Ah, I see. I’ll just fix my hair then I’ll go there”.
“Yes Milady”. With that, He exits then disappeared into the corner.
I closed the door then started to fix my hair. Now I feel more curious than before!. Thanks a lot Dad...
I put the hair brush down then headed to the study. Sometimes there are some things better left alone than to meddle in them, yet I can’t help but be curious.
I opened the door and went inside. Dad was sitting in his couch and holding a book, titled, Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. It was the book that one of my authors had me edited so I know the story quite well. When Dad saw me, he bookmarked the book and sat it down the table.
“Come here” he said while nodding down his head once.
I walked towards him and sat down on his lap. My father has always been calm and collected. He doesn’t hover nor does he get out of line, He is always in control. But sometimes, he is carefree and doesn’t give a damn in the world. Though, he only acts like this in front of his close friends and me.
“You wanted to talk to me?” I asked while I placed my hand on top of his head and ran my fingers through his blond locks. I've always loved Daddy's hair. It’s so pretty, silky and when he's under the sun, his hair turns into the colour gold just like my eyes.
“Yes, well, Mayford invited us for lunch tomorrow at Tiffany's.”
So it wasn’t because of the contract.” Lunch? What for?”
“He said that he wanted to talk and discuss about certain things...” He averted his eyes from me for a second and looked back. “Will you accept?”
I smiled “Of course father. After all, I haven’t seen Uncle Leon for a while now”
“Good. Well, do you have work tomorrow?”
I stood up “Yup. My schedule for tomorrow is from 8am to 3pm in the hospital then 3:30pm to 7:00pm for Uncle's Publishing Company. What time is the Luncheon?”
“Hmm... I'll pick you up at about 11:40”.
“No its okay. I’ll just drive there myself” I smiled then walked to the door.
He smirked “I’ll see you tomorrow at 11:40 then. Good night Alex”
I smiled and walked out.


I wore my night gown then lied on my bead. Another day, another never ending schedule... I sighed. So tired...After a few moments, I was in dreamland.


The same as every day, I woke up, took a bath, had breakfast and drove to work. For the past 3 hours, I had 9 patience with check-up appointments and 5 with an appointments for consultation. All in all, I had 14 patients in 3 hours. Sigh. That beats not doing anything...I look at the clock. 11:45. S***! I’m going to be late. I grab my coat and hurried to the Nurse station. I punched my card, bided the nurses good bye and ran to my car. If I drive fast enough or at least if there isn’t any traffic, I’ll be able to get there in time. Damn it!, Of all the days to be late…


It’s been 20 minutes since I left the hospital and thank god, there isn’t any traffic. When my phone started to ring, I grabbed my Bluetooth headset and wore it in my ear.
“You’re in luck. Mayford isn’t here yet, which means you aren’t late yet” The voice said with an amused sound. Dad... I sighed.
“I know, I know. I’m already here at the parking lot. I’m heading there now. Which floor again?”
“26th Park Suite”
“Okay. See you in 5 minutes tops” I hang up, press the elevator button and waited. After a few seconds, the elevator doors opened and I proceeded inside.
“Wait!” I turned to look outside the elevator and saw a guy who was practically running to catch the elevator. I pressed the open button and waited for him to get on. Once he stepped inside, I took a step forward to press the close and 26th button.
“Thank you” He said.
I look at his face and try to study some of his features. Hmmm…Judging from his face, he might be the same age as me but maybe a few more years older. His height must be 5’9 or 6’0. I’m 5’6 and a half, yet my head can only reach below his ears. His hair is dark blond and he has fair skin. He’s wearing slacks paired with a blue polo with sleeves reaching until his elbow. As I turn my head back to closed elevator doors, I closed my eyes then slowly opened them.
“You’re welcome. Which floor?”
He looked at the buttons and smiled. “No need. I’m heading to the same floor”
“I see. Are you alright? It seems that you’re in a hurry” I looked at the light on top of the door and the 13th floor was lit.
“Oh, umm, yes. Worry not. I am fine and yes I am kind of in a hurry. But it looks like you’re in a hurry as well. May I ask why?”
I nodded my head and slightly turned to face him. “My father and I are here to meet a friend. The luncheon is at 12:30. Luckily I’m not too late but I can’t help but hurry” He smirked and looked at the light, which was now on the 23rd floor.
“Looks like we have the same appointment” He turned his head and faced me.
“Really? Where’s your appointment being held?”
Before he could answer, the elevator doors open and he gestures his hand for me to go out first. I willingly obliged and walked out first as he followed.
“I’m going to the Park Suite. My father will be arriving later than me so I’m going to wait with his guests until he arrives”
Park Suite? Isn’t that the same place I’m going? Wait, he couldn’t be?...
“May I know your name?” I stopped walking and waited for an answer. He smiled and walked a few more steps before opening the door that was in front of us. When I stood next to him, he opened the door and said his reply.
“Allen. Allen Mayford. And from the looks of it, you must be Uncle Ayden’s daughter” He said in an amused tone while looking at me standing there staring.
For a moment, I had thought that the world froze and everything around me stopped moving. This person, the way he looks at me with his dark blue eyes is somewhat hypnotizing. Even though we’ve only met, It’s like he’s pulling me into his world and rendering me utterly helpless.

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