Nothing Is Impossible

April 9, 2013
By Nuskiya GOLD, Kuwait city, Other
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Nuskiya GOLD, Kuwait City, Other
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Author's note: The way how I learned something by my hard experince and the joy I got after my hard tries inspired me to write this so that people unnderstand nothing is impossible if we try on it seriously.

Not that everyone gets a valued position in school nevertheless I achieved what I wanted the most by all my efforts and difficulties I went through that period. As I was very depressed and anxious about last year’s results, it was very easy for me to beat the marvellous achievers one at a time. And this is how my plan worked out:
Once in every year in my school, there will be three students who will achieve the outstanding positioned certificates and medals in each and every class. As it was the rule it was soon proclaimed that 3 students were the achievers in my class. Hearing this never made me apprehensive but on knowing who they were made me suffer so much inside my heart. I knew one of them very well as I was the one who used to help him by giving answers or letting him cheat from my answer sheet but fortunately the boy I used to help got 3rd and I none. I used to wonder how this could happen but no longer kept me wondering because I came to a conclusion of working hard this year instead of being sympathetic to others. I turned myself into a new person who was ready to challenge anyone.
I was a good scorer in science and social but my marks were low in English and mathematics where the other 3 bet me and got more. It was very unbearable in that New Year for me as there were so many parties and programs for the outstanding achievers only. The principal offered them so many prizes and much more fun picnics to visit freely. The vice principal too gave them a lot of chances in participating in different kinds of competitions to win a large amount of cash but no one else was allowed to participate in place of the achievers. Each minute I feel sad, I run downstairs to the playground and start crying for the mistake I’ve done by helping him. I always thought of being an outstanding achiever too but not that seriously and that is what led me to this bottom level today, I thought for myself. It was the day when we all had speech test so I got prepared with the topic of friends and was ready to speak but when it was my turn I could only see the 3 achievers in front of my eyes and my words weren’t coming out of my mouth instead my eyes were full of tears. I quickly ran outside the classroom and locked myself inside the girls’ toilet. The one who came searching for me was my English teacher, my favourite teacher. She was the first one who understood my feelings and gave me advices regarding education and self confidence. I started getting used to the situation as teachers all understood my feelings and they all willed to help me in any kind of matter I needed. I began with English, I took so many books from the library and started practising one by one at a time and I gathered the doubts and asked them to my English teacher during class times. Above all those, I had a terrible mate who was always against me. She wasn’t the only one who was against me but even her mother and her sister who was very jealous about the love teachers gave me. It started when a time came when the teachers planned to take 5 students from each class to the maths exhibition conducted by another school. In my class out of 5 students, 3 were the outstanding students and other 2 were me and a boy. We were all said not to tell any other students about the exhibition and cause a big deal out of it so I kept quiet but by the mouth of another boy who was selected she came to know I was selected too. She then started her game by going and asking the teacher why she chooses me and not her. I was laughing so terribly thinking about her shamelessness on the other hand about her jealousness on me. Not only that much but because the teacher didn’t take her words seriously and cancel me, she went home and told her mom who called the teacher and asked her to replace my place with her outstanding daughter. Teachers weren’t having a good thought about her and they didn’t like her daughter more than me so they explained her mother how much better than her daughter I was and the teacher also told her mother that I got 29 marks greater than her daughter in maths so I was selected. Her mother than shut her mouth and got out of my way of going to the exhibition. Since this problem occurred between me and that girl, she was always against me and each and every time I used to get more marks her mother used to question the teachers and the principal too. Every now and then I used to question my mother that why wasn’t she like other parents but because my mother wanted me to take a good position by my effort and not by my parent’s threatening the teachers, my mother advised me never to fight for position illegally but instead she told me to work had that no one would ever climb to my position and push me down. I used to deal with these kinds of problems very sensitively as I needed to maintain my studies too and secondly the terrible situation I went through was my second speech test. This time the teacher gave the topic and it was about jealousness. The topic was quite interesting but talking about it in front of everyone was what made me feel fearful. However when my turn was on, I walked very daringly in front of everyone and stood straight but my body was still trembling in fear. I spoke my first sentence with a good morning slowly but my words were loud after a minute since I was only looking at the face of my English teacher and her confidence made me feel strong. I finished my speech and said a thank you and for my shock I couldn’t believe that there was a huge sound of applause that made me feel so happy that I ran back to my seat quickly with a red face. As soon as the class was over, the teacher hugged me in joy and told me if I will uphold this performance in all other subjects for sure I’ll be one of the outstanding students too. Her words made me confident as well as comfort every day with the intention that I never stopped reading and practising my subjects scrupulously. Day to day I concentrated more in math as well since math was one of the subjects which were very hard for me. I never had any other option than asking doubts for my elder sister because sometimes I don’t understand my teacher’s elucidation too. Thirdly my hard time was when we all had a math class test on factorisation. My god, I was a dumb in that chapter as it was very confusing. The only thing which I could hardly remember is x and y because those were the only variables which were easy to recognise. When teacher gave the question paper, she just looked at my face with a small smile in which I could understand that she didn’t want me to panic. However when I had a look at the paper it seemed to be a little tricky but I was very positive about my answers as most of the questions were formula based questions which was only to be solved but no calculations. I was the 5th one to give my answer sheet to the teacher because I was checking it for about 15 minutes and on the other hand after the class test my friends were all curious about my answers because this time I never helped even one of them but instead ignored them. After a week my math teacher came with a smile on her face and was distributing our papers in the first period which was our English period. My heart was beating so fast that I was unable to breathe so comfortably. Once and for all the teacher handed over my paper in my hand saying me excellent, I was not only happy but I didn’t expect for such a nice mark which was 25 out of 30. My friend who was sitting right next to me screamed to loudly saying 25!!! Then the whole class came closer to see my paper except one girl who was full of anger and despondent. I then promised my class to help them in home work questions as some of my mates wanted me to help them in math. I went back home with a very happy face and showed my parents my math answer sheet. They were very happy about it and my mom asked me to work the same in the final examinations too so that I can achieve at least a 2nd position this year. I never stopped my battle against the position but once what happened for me by my over confidence put me down in front of the whole school. It was the carnival time, the teacher asked me to prepare a speech on unity and learn it by heart so that I could speak without looking at the paper on the stage. I was very stupid, that I thought if I learn once that will be enough but unfortunately when I stood in the stage in front of everyone I forgot the whole speech which I’ve learned. I then just ran out of the quadrangle to my classroom. And once again my English teacher supported me to overcome this mistake myself. I was a bit embarrassed for about 4 weeks but when days passed everyone forgave me for the embarrassment I caused for my school members. I didn’t only learn to defeat problems myself but I even learned about over confidence and its consequences. It was soon time for our second unit examinations. I was very scared this time because more than friends I had many foes who wanted to achieve more marks than me but I took it as I challenge and wrote all the answers with my own effort and not by asking anyone’s help or even giving assist. I wasn’t satisfied with maths because I left 3 questions which were 2 marks each and the paper was out of 40 marks. It was not very late to work hard as I had many other subjects following math so I thought and planned that I can achieve more marks in other subjects to cover the missing marks in math. However the exams were over in no time and it was soon time for result declaration. I was upset as well as patience less to know my results. My dad was unable to leave his job so he told me to go with my uncle for the results day so I followed his words and went with my cousins and my uncle. At first I was nervous but then my cousins screamed in joy looking at my results as I got 6 A’s and one B. I was pink and my eyes were almost covered with huge drops of tears which rolled down slowly while my uncle was asking me how I achieved such a splendid marks and smiled hugging me close to him. I was well planned for my upcoming exam as it was the last and final one for this year. I went home and showed my result to my parents and they were soon handling me 2 envelopes in which I found 2 beautiful necklaces. I was happily enjoying that day with my family and neighbours. After 4 weeks my school reopened for the next semester. I went school as a normal girl and sat inside my class waiting for the teacher to come but I could hear someone screaming so loudly at my class teacher so I ran outside and saw it was the girl, the witch’s mother and here. Now I know something terrible is to happen because whenever they come, they have an enormous reason towards my Excellency. They always wanted the teachers to put low grades for me and high grades for her daughter from the time of the exhibition I went to. I ran and hugged my class teacher pretending to be happy and showing off about my results. Looking at me the mother and daughter both raged in anger and started screaming on my face saying I was a cheater who cheated in exams and that’s what led me to this high level. I was always quite and controlling my patience but this time it was really horrendous so I pushed Ruby my worst enemy towards her mother and asked her to respect me as I do. I wasn’t looking at her mother’s face as she was elder to me I felt guilty about disrespecting her but the one I really picked a fight is her daughter Ruby. I screamed on Ruby’s face saying her not to point at me and to talk to me that way but on the same time some teachers pushed me back and took me to a classroom and told me calm down. It was my worst day ever since I’ve never been harsh towards anyone even if it was my best enemy. No longer did they allow Ruby’s mother to intrude in my matters of education; she was warned by the school manager and by the teaching faculty as well. I got a notice from the principal asking me to meet him so I went exactly at 7:30 knocking at his room door. He opened it and asked me to have a seat inside. I did as he asked me to but I was trembling in fear as I’ve never been to this room or even spoke to the principal before. The principal was very kind to me because he only advised me on behaving with Ruby and not simply blaming me for anything. I explained everything to the principal including the exhibition’s problem too and the principal promised me that Ruby or her parents won’t be interrupting with my matters from now on. Hearing this I was a bit relaxed and soon I thanked the principal and got out of his room. The day was very hard on me so I went home and slept for long that I didn’t even have lunch. I explained my mom whatever happened yesterday in school but the only thing my mom asked me to do was apologise to Ruby’s mother. I apologised to Ruby as I promised to my mom but she wasn’t willing to listen to my word so I just walked away from her and sat in my bench. It was my social period. The teacher gave us the syllabus and the notes too. I was prepared fully for the final exams because the first subject was social and following that was math. As it was I finished my examinations and did my best to score full. I didn’t want a big thing but I just hoped to get an excellent position and a medal. I didn’t even want first or the second but I had faith in achieving third and achieving a silver memento. I was called by the exam in charger to meet her as soon as possible today. I surely thought I must have failed and that’s why she wanted to meet my father quickly but when we went there we understood the importance she wanted to meet my father and that was because I achieved the first position and had to prepare for the upcoming achievers day function. I was so happy and my dad as well. We both took my precious memento which was huge and gold in colour and I even got a white strip to wear around my body on the achievers day party. I never expected to get 1rst or 2nd even but because I worked hard and went through all the hard problems bravely I got what I needed and my dream of standing in that stage holding my memento was fulfilled. Throughout this year I’ve learned that nothing is impossible till we try on doing that and moreover I even learned a lot more about being patience and friendly with all others around us we will be gaining more knowledge.

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