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My Dearest Aunt's Death

Author's note: My mom's dearest sister's death which means my aunt's loss right on my birthday inspired me to write this memoir.
Author's note: My mom's dearest sister's death which means my aunt's loss right on my birthday inspired me to write this memoir.  « Hide author's note

My dearest aunt's death

One Friday morning it was bright day outside. I would never go anywhere as it was the only day I had to spend in my home and the rest were all school days. This day made me feel a bit uneasy and I asked my mom for some suggestion. She told me the only way to feel better was to go to my cousin’s house and spend some time with them and come back in the evening. I listened to my mom’s advice and planned to go with them just after prayers. When my cousins visited me after prayers I was shocked to see them all wet as it had been raining heavily outside. This is what made me change my mind and stay back in my home and take rest. I was chatting with my friend who used to be with me in my school but now she was in her country so we had a lot of things to discuss about. Later my mom received a message from her sister who was very ill and sick in UK. My mom rushed outside to the phoning centre to call my aunt. I was a bit worried so I waited till my mom returns after talking to my aunt. My mom returned home very weak as if she had beaten herself in a wall and was red like she was highly sick. I asked my mom to say something about my aunt but as soon as she heard me say the word aunt she left the hall and locked herself inside her room. I wasn’t at peace at all and the more my mom doesn’t respond to me the more I was scared. My dad returned home at late night and so did my mom come out to the hall. The dinner wasn’t prepared, the clothes weren’t ironed and so the garden wasn’t watered my dad was confused and was looking at my mom with a questioning look. I told my dad what had happened about my aunt and as soon as I finished they both went to their room and talked something personally which made me rage this time. I screamed in anger and asked my parents if they could tell me what happened before I call to my aunt for further information. Neither my mom nor my day looked happy but miserable instead. In their looks I was answered that something terrible is going on with my aunt so I decided not to talk about that anymore and left to my room without a sound. I wasn’t hungry at all so I just slept without having anything. It was daybreak so fast and I had to get ready to go to tuition as it was Saturday morning. I went to the kitchen and ate a piece of bread with jam and went out with a packet of chocolate juice to drink on the way. In my way to the tuition I saw Molly, my neighbour who asked me how my aunt was. I was tremendously shocked to know that my neighbours knew about my aunt but controlling myself I asked Molly what my parents had told to her parents. Molly gave me the information that my aunt was terribly sick and she has a tumour inside her stomach. It made me feel so sad that tears started dropping from my eyes and my whole body turned weak as if I fell from a tall building to the bottom. I thanked Molly for her information and decided to walk back home. I entered the hall and found no one but my mom sitting and looking at some of my aunt’s pictures and was crying too. I asked my mom in a low clear voice if we would never see our aunt again. She took me closer to her and said if only my aunt was lucky she would survive and she even told me that she will be travelling today to see what she could do to save my aunt. The idea of my mom travelling made me feel a bit comfort so that my aunt wouldn’t feel lonely in UK. Evening was my board exam’s results so I had to go to my school. I asked my mom about her trip and told her I will be back before she leaves to the airport and left to my school. As soon as I entered the school quadrangle I went to meet Mrs. Sumatra, my Exam in charger. I was a bit worried and nervous about my results so I thought of speaking to my mom on the phone before knowing my marks. I called and called but no answer. This made me a bit scared and worried about mom however I had to check my results and I was surprised!!! I totally froze in shock looking at 7 A’s and 2 B’s. Mrs. Sumatra hugged and kissed me saying I was the topper in our school this year and I will be having some interviews with various principals of other international schools in Kuwait. I was pleased thinking that I would soon get an admission in a good university. Soon on the same time with the results on my hand I was searching for Molly as she had her results too. I found Molly at the biology lab where she was talking to her sir with a depressed face. At last Molly was free but didn’t seem to be happy so I asked Molly to come with me to the cafe so that we can sit and talk in peace. While I and Molly were going down the staircase I met Chad, my ex childhood sweetheart. Chad was with his new girlfriend Lisa, who he introduced to me in the cafe. I was a bit sad on knowing Chad forgot me so fast but I could still see Chad wearing the necklace which I gifted him on his 16th birthday. I was looking very down in the dumps so Chad asked me if Lisa was the reason for my sadness; I told him not to bother about me as I am living happily and not worried about him. I walked away from Chad and Lisa with Molly to the taxi which was waiting for me outside the school. I was comforting Molly as she was very sad because her results were almost ungraded and she even had to rewrite her subjects after 2 weeks. When the taxi stopped at my apartment I looked at my watch because that’s when I remembered about my mom’s departure but unfortunately with all the works I had, I was late to meet my mother. I soon got into the house with my key and saw a piece of letter stuck on the fridge which said bye and kisses from mom. I sat on the sofa looking at the message and Molly who was with me to was about to go to her home. I wasn’t relieved without anyone companying me so I begged Molly to stay with me till mom returns. At first she wasn’t agreeing but when I promised to teach her for her re examinations she agreed to bring her stuffs and stay with me. I and Molly had some milk with biscuits and Molly was studying chemistry on my room while I was looking at the message which Chad sent to me on my mobile. I was a bit confused and asked Molly how Chad knew my number. She was looking at me as if she was innocent but then she told me he still loves me. Molly then told me it was her and she even asked me if I wanted her to tell Chad not to call me because I love someone else but I told her not to say anything to him as I still love him but don’t want to cause troubles between him and Lisa. Molly surprised me with an invitation Chad asked her to give it to me. I quickly opened it and read that but was not sure about what should I do. I loved Chad but I never thought of getting back with him in this situation so I rejected his invitation to his birthday party even though I felt sad. It was late in the night and Molly was asleep right on the chemistry notebook so I woke her and asked her to sleep on my bed. My dad on the other hand returned and had some coffee and went to bed. I felt like I should call mom tomorrow morning and ask her about her departure and my aunt as well. Morning Molly had prepared some omelettes which were absolutely delicious. Before eating breakfast I dialled the number to call my mom but her mobile was switched off. I asked dad why was it switched off but he didn’t know the answer too. I was waiting till I get a reply for the message I sent to my mom’s cell phone in the meantime I and Molly got dressed to go to the interview I had with the principal of BSK today. I was very nervous and shivering since this was the first time I am on an interview with a principal and I was appearing on the TV’s too. As soon as the interview got over I went home with my taxi all alone by myself as Chad was standing with Molly and I didn’t wanted to talk to him about anything. I went home and called mom as she gave me a missed call. I talked to mom and asked her about my aunt. My mom was very happy to know I was the topper and on the other hand she as well as I was nervous about my aunt’s surgery tomorrow early in the morning. I told mom not to worry as soon everything will get better and I even told her to stay longer with my aunt for the reason that I have Molly companying me. Just when I ended talking with mom Chad and Molly entered the house. Since I was already sad, I raged in anger and demanded Chad to leave the house and never to come back. Chad left and Molly asked me why was I so rude to him. I had no answer to give molly so I locked myself in my parent’s room and started praying for my aunt’s surgery. I came out after half an hour on the other hand lunch was already prepared. I asked Molly if she had prepared the lunch and she just nodded her head with a yes and went inside my room to study math. I ate lunch and was explaining some sums to Molly while my mom called me on my mobile. I spoke to mom about my aunt but my mom never seemed to be happy like today morning so I wanted to know the reason. I called her again after an hour and asked her about my aunt’s surgery and then she told me that it was cancelled because the tumour in her stomach had spread to the small and large intestines. I didn’t know how to control my sadness, I almost started crying. Molly was right beside me when I was crying and she told me to be brave and deal with the problems as well as the prizes I had. I was very sad rather than being happy as my aunt was more important than my interviews I thought so and I went to my school and asked Mrs. Sumatra to ask the principals to cancel the interviews I had with them because I have more problems that I won’t be able to concentrate with the interview. Mrs. Sumatra asked me to tell her everything I am going through right now so I explained her each and everything about my aunt and about Chad too. Mrs Sumatra advised me not to ruin the right chance I got to join a best university in Kuwait. I left the school and was on my way back to home. On my way back I saw Chad and Lisa going back from Chad’s birthday party. Chad then saw me but I soon changed my route and reached home safely. Molly was asleep in no time because she was working since morning today. I came to a decision of following Mrs. Sumatra’s advice and just not to mix up things. Early in the morning I woke up, did my prayers and prepared breakfast. Today was Tuesday my grand party at the school; Molly had a bath and came to the kitchen. She looked so fresh today so I asked her where she was going. She told me that she was going out with Jack. I told her to go out but in the mean time not to fail in the re examination too. She was a bit angry but soon left with Jack. I was alone in the home so I called mom to know about my aunt. My mom was crying so terribly on the phone, I was very worried and asked her to calm down and told her to tell me the exact problem. She then told me with a low clear voice that my aunt has been checked again and they found out that her brain had a small tumour too. On hearing this the hope I had broke into pieces but still to calm my mom I told her my aunt will be alright soon. I knew that we won’t gain her back from her sickness because it was the deadliest sickness in the whole world and only 25 percent of people survive out of 100. I got dressed and prepared with my speech for today’s program with my school principal. They were all asking me about my exams and etc but when it came that an audient asked me about my family’s condition, tears dropped from my eyes and all of them were shocked in seeing me cry. In no time the cameras were off and the principal was confused. I apologized for my mistake and I told them I was in a bad mood and I walked out of the school gate crying and went home with my mom’s car. I reached home and I was relaxing in the hall but I was feeling so lost. I lost my love, my interviews, lost my bother when I was young and going to drop my dearest aunt too. I was verily disturbed thinking of my aunt all day. I slept for a while but my eyes never seemed to close instead of tears dropping continuously from my eyes. Molly returned home in the evening. She was very excited about her first date and Jack even bought her a beautiful necklace which she was wearing the whole day. However hearing Molly’s stories made me sleep fast. The next day I woke up and saw it was very late than the usual time I wake. Molly wasn’t at my room. I brushed my teeth, soon took shower and got dressed. When I went to the hall I found a couple of people wearing black and my mom was here. I couldn’t believe my eyes but it was true, mom was here but she was crying as if she lost something very beloved to her and beside her was my dad with a depressed face and eyes full of tears. I asked mom to explain something but as soon as I turned I could see my aunt’s photo on the table with many roses beside it. My aunt was gone. I realised that my aunt was dead yesterday and buried in UK so my mom returned back to Kuwait. She didn’t tell me anything as she wanted me to be the best student and not to worry about my aunt’s death as God wanted her more than me. The only thing I did was hold my aunt’s picture and cried so loudly. That day was a gloomy day for all my relatives as we lost someone very dear to us. I was very upset about her but on the other hand I continued my interviews with the principals and I even got admission in the American University of Kuwait. Since my aunt was very dear to me, her memories will always remain in my heart whatever I do or wherever I go.

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