Grab a Creative Mood

Grab a Creative Mood

In our busy lives these days, a free, creative, contemplative mood can often be hard to come by. After a full day of work or all of the little obligations that fill our lives, who wants to work on a creative project? Sometimes it can seem like the most daunting prospect of all to think creatively. That's why we have to grab creative moods whenever they pass by. Here are a few tips for how to take advantage of that mood, and reasons for grabbing it.

Be ready for inspiration.

The great artists and writers out there didn't sit around waiting for an angelic muse to descend and touch their shoulders. They continued to work and hone their craft, or else they were busy with their day jobs (a surprising number of great writers were doctors or engineers: William Carlos Williams, Anton Chekhov). They were able to take experiences they had during the day and save them for their fiction and poetry. Often during our day jobs, we "switch off" or turn into automatons, getting the work done without thinking or observing. But writers know that real life is all around us at all times; every element of life is equally full of potential for creativity. Wherever you are, be receptive to the experiences you're having as a potential source for your writing.

Our levels of creativity often have to do with our energy. When we're out of energy at the end of the day, we're out of creativity too. The way to get some creative work done, therefore, is to grab opportunities throughout the day. Why not carry a notebook around and jot down notes for your next scene or questions that the story has to answer? Use your smartphone to jot down notes (I've recently begun using Simplenote and it's excellent) so that you can see your notes anywhere, or just do it the old-fashioned way - write something down on a scrap of paper or even on your hand.

Creative moods breed creative moods

Optimism has a funny way of encouraging more optimism; creativity often works that way. The more you make space for a creative mood in your daily life, the more you'll find that creative mood popping up in the course of a day. Allow yourself to think about your story and your writing more and more every day. Instead of worrying about what's on facebook or what to cook for dinner three nights in advance, take a moment and allow yourself to think about your writing projects. It will be hard work at first if you're rusty, but gradually it will become a habit, part of your mental routine. In that way, grabbing hold of a creative thought every time it comes by will help those creative thoughts come by more often.