Get Writerly on Twitter

Get Writerly on Twitter

You've heard a lot about how many people are broadcasting their lives on Twitter these days. The problem with reading the flood of Twitter posts is that they're a torrent without a funnel; there's no way of sorting the good from the bad. If you could only find the interesting stuff, though, you'd be surprised by ho wmany funny, interesting things are being said online these days. To help you out, here's a list of a few Twitter accounts that are focused on writerly things, and bent on giving you the best writing-related thoughts and links across the web.

@teenink: Yes, we're on Twitter! And we ROCK on Twitter! In addition to links to some of the best material on, we've got thoughts on writing, links to interesting articles about writing, and general thoughts about being a creative teen.

@newyorker: Of course the New Yorker has a Twitter account! And it's full of links to the best of its material, along with exclusive Q&A's with its writers and livechats with interesting and intellectual people. Stay classy on Twitter by following this stimulating account.

@galleycat: Want to learn about the publishing industry? This funny and informative account focuses on the business and marketing side of getting published and editing your books, as well as what books are becoming best-sellers today.

@problogger: How about becoming a blogger? Have you ever thought of trying your hand at it? Follow this account to learn about making your blog stand above the rest with professional layouts, informative content, and marketing know-how.

@selectedshorts: The official Twitter account of the great NPR program, this one keeps you informed about the world of short stories. Find out what stories will be selected next, as well as upcoming story collections and reviews of important short stories.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to literary Twitter accounts. So get out there and try exploring the wide world of Twitter yourself. Or try contributing a few literary thoughts of your own!