Take on What Scares You at School

Take on What Scares You at School

With the beginning a new semester in school, you've got a chance for a fresh start in a handful of new classes. You might have a chance to take some exciting electives at your school, like Astrophysics or Creative Writing. At the same time, you might be facing some daunting challenges, like a gymnastics unit in gym or AP Chemistry. Whatever your particular challenge in school is, take a few moments this January to figure out what it is, and why you're scared of it.

Does the prospect of sitting down with a table of strangers at lunch make you break out in sweat? Maybe what's being said in Math or Biology class has your head spinning, and you just can't seem to figure it out. Before you let something scary start to take over your mind, though, you can do something about it. What if you charged that problem head-on? What if you asked for help on your homework, and actually got your questions answered? What if you took on that high balance beam, or talked to that cute guy or girl? All that fear and dread might just melt away.

The beginning of a new year is a perfect chance to just get those things you've been dreading over with once and for all! Try setting a few goals for yourself for your own peace of mind this month. Try to figure out what's keeping you up at night, and do something to get it out of your way. In a busy high school schedule, no one has time to worry and agonize over bio tests or finally catching that baseball, so try just getting it over with.

That doesn't mean you'll always meet with success. Maybe you'll still flunk that test or get laughed at. But it's still better than worrying about it all day.

The really scary part about being a high school student is feeling alone. We think that whatever problem we're having, we're the only one having it; everyone else seems so on top of things, right? The secret, though, is that everyone's struggling with something, and we're all just trying not to show it. Once you realize that your friends are all worrying about something too, you'll be able to see that your woes are pretty normal in the scheme of things. So relax! Don't let your fear of something stand in your way.