Playlist for an Aututm Day

Playlist for an Autumn Day

Halloween is next week, National Novel Writing Month is hot on its heels, and trees in most parts of the country have turned gorgeous, orange and yellow and coppery brown. We're drinking cider and cuddling up with good books and old blankets again. Happy fall, Teen Inkers!

Whether or not you love this season as much as I do, I've got something for you this week that will warm your blustery autumn hearts: music. Check out Teen Ink's music reviews, online and in our print magazine, to find out what your fellow teenagers think of the latest pop hits and indie sensations, plus everything from classical music to rock and hip-hop. The songs below will get you off to a great start, whether you're studying for midterms (I'm so sorry) or trick-or-treating with friends.

  1. "Right as Rain" -Adele

    This is my standard get-up-and-go anthem when I can't quite bring myself to start studying. Adele's amazing voice and soulful determination will help you power through midterms, or anything else life throws your way.

  2. "Wait" -Alexi Murdoch

    After Adele has pulled you through a study session, you'll need to unwind. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let Alexi Murdoch steal your heart with this song.

  3. "Funny Little Frog" -Belle and Sebastian

    Any chance you're nursing a secret crush this school year? I won't tell...but I will give you this giddy ode to getting tongue-tied around the object of your affection.

  4. "I Hear the Bells" -Mike Doughty

    Of course, there's so much more going on in your life than secret crushes and tests. This song is the perfect backdrop for that extra-curricular activity you love so much.

  5. "5 Years Time" -Noah and the Whale

    Where will you be in five years--college, volunteering, backpacking through some exotic country? Read about what other teens are up to and plan your future with this song in the background.

  6. "The Story" -Brandi Carlile

    I don't even know what to tell you about "The Story" except that it's my favorite song of all time. I hope you'll love it too, and I hereby challenge you to submit a review of the album to our website.