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For Teachers

Teen Ink is a solid, lively and extremely candid publication. The writing is first-rate and fills an important need.

Jonathan Kozol, author and educator

It's an English teacher's dream.

Preston Wilson, English teacher

Teen Ink is the nation's most widely read magazine written exclusively by students. Teachers in more than 5,000 high schools nationwide use it every month, not only as a way to encourage reading, writing and critical thinking but also to boost students' self-esteem. We've published over 25,000 student works since 1989. Get a free sample issue and see for yourself.

Why Teen Ink?

Incorporating Teen Ink into your educational toolbox allows you to expand the scope of your curriculum to include such topics as publishing workshops, review based discussions, and exercises in following editorial instruction. By expanding to the wider audience provided by Teen Ink, your students will be able to use their written voices and analytical skills in a whole new way. Additionally, Teen Ink is a fantastic motivational tool for encouraging your students to complete their assignments. Check out our Teacher’s Guide or Teachers Facebook Group to see how other teachers are being inspired to use Teen Ink.

How does my student sign up?

Soon you’ll be able to invite your students by sending an emailed invitation directly to them. In the mean time, you may send your students the following link and encourage them to sign up using an email address or their Facebook account.


Once a student signs up they will be able to submit written work, their artwork, and more. They will also be able to get feedback from their peers on their submitted work, and in turn provide feedback to others. Also - work submitted by your student will be considered for publication in Teen Ink’s print magazine!

Subscribe to Teen Ink

Three subscription options designed especially for educators (prices include shipping and handling):

  1. Class Set Subscription
    Get 30 copies every month (September – June) for $215. If you subscribe after the school year begins, we will prorate the price.

  3. Educator Special Subscription
    Get a single copy every month – plus a box of 30 copies three times during the year – for $99.

  5. Individual Subscription
    Get a single copy every month for $45.


Teacher Advisory Board

More than 175 teachers in 43 states have volunteered to answer your questions about Teen Ink. See who's using it - in their English curriculum or informally - near you. Want to help other teachers? Join today!

Teacher's Guide

Get tips and lesson plans from your colleagues across the country. Your students could be published next!

Teen Ink Books

Join hundreds of schools around the country that use Teen Ink books in their classrooms. Filled with articles, poems, and art, these books showcase the best of teen creativity. Inspire your students today. Browse Teen Ink books here.

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