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Is Anyone Out There?

November 16, 2017
by Teen Ink Staff Writer

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At a certain point in your life, you might find yourself sitting in your room wondering… “could life exist outside of our planet?” And who’s to say there isn’t some alien person sitting in his or her room on another planet millions of light-years away wondering the exact same thing?

With advances in technology and space exploration, scientists have discovered building evidence that human life could possibly be sustained on other planets. This is not to say that other life forms require our exact Earth conditions to live; in fact, other life forms might find our planet completely uninhabitable.

New studies have found a handful of Earth-like planets; these reflect similar sizes and temperatures as Earth’s and orbit stars in similar ways as Earth does to the Sun. For instance, Ross 128b is an exoplanet (a planet located outside of our solar system) that orbits a red dwarf star; Ross 128b orbits 20 times closer to its star than Earth does to the Sun, but the star is only half as hot as our Sun leaving Ross 128b with a temperature range of -80 degrees Fahrenheit to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, we can’t tell what the planet’s atmosphere and foundation structure are like because it would take us about 150,000 years to reach it.

Do you think it is possible, in the infinite space and time of the Universe, that humans are the only lifeforms in existence? Do you think that it could be remotely possible that other life forms exist millions and billions and trillions of light-years away? Or do you believe that humans are extremely unique outliers and the only living intelligent beings in the entire Universe?

Burst by zandragrey

Do you think that humans will ever discover faster methods of travelling in space such as lightspeed, warp drive, and hyperdrive or traveling through worm holes and black holes?

We may never know the answers to these questions, but many remarkable stories, novels, movies, and works of art have been created around these ideas.

Share your story, poem, art, and photography regarding your thoughts on life outside of Earth by submitting your work at https://teenink.com/submit.

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