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Contest Winners 2011-2012

Teen Ink Cover Contest

Fiction Contest

Hooked by Joy R., port dover, ON, Canada
Oneirataxia by ChristelleMarie C., Edison, NJ
Playing the Part by Jonathan M., Atlanta, GA
The Absence of Light by Joel D., Hearne, TX
Bay Leaf, Wisconsin by Zoe C., Hillsborough, NJ

Nonfiction Contest

Dream Deferred by Emma H., Irvington, NY
Bosnia: The Hidden Genocide by Sabiha M., Salt Lake City, UT
Through the Back Door by Kalie M., cooper city, FL
Price Tags by Lucy S., Cambridge, MA
The Chosen People by Mark L., Los Altos, CA
Sparks by Elizabeth S., Longboat Key, FL
Bubbe by Eden H., Brentwood, TN
Quietly Waiting by Taylor B., Amherst, NH
Five., by N.E. G., Washington, DC
Maria by Phil G., Briarcliff, NY
Used to be 17 by Laine B., Wheaton, IL
Just a Little Off the Top by Keilah S., Eureka, MO
My Quiet Rebellion by Cody L., Waterford, MI
The Wig by Kunal S., Fayetteville, NY
Concussion Repercussions by Pavit P., Sugar Land, TX
The Master Class by Cindy T., Fremont, CA
Fireflies by Marie S., Lake Bluff, IL

Community Service Contest

A Clearer Vision by Vibhuti K., Solon, OH
To India and Back Again by John K., Rockport, ME

Environment Contest

The Downsides of Pesticides by Jingyi H., Frederick, MD
The Beauty of the Cosmos by Alex F., Golden, CO

Travel and Culture Contest

Cloud Cover by Iris F., Birmingham, AL
The Dynamics of Belonging by Rishi M., Pittsburgh, PA
Mother Tongue by Leeya M., Somerset, KY
Return to Kashmir by Sana J., Doha, Qatar

Poetry Contest

The Meaning of Christmas by Sarah C., Hillsboro, KY
The Different Colors of the Sky by Faith B., Howell, NJ
Abuela by Zoe K., La Jolla, CA
Old Town by Jackie P., San Diego, CA
Lilacs by Lexi O., Mound City, SD
you have a history by Meagan M., Montrose, CO
Last Night by Melissa M., Woodbridge, VA
The Orange by Sarah H., Clarkston, MI
660 Miles by Paige E., Palo Alto, CA
A Tribute to the Sun of His Heart’s Setting by Samantha C., Duncan, OK
Cigarette Jeans by Kurt S., Ringoes, NJ
Liberty by Rachel S., Stockton, NJ
Memoir #67 by Annabel S., Wayne, NJ
My Hands Are Empty by Ziggy U., Juneau, AK
Stuck and Unstuck Love by Samantha C., Duncan, OK
Lester’s Will by Madeleine C., Andover, CT
Your Little Bird Heart by Ziggy U., Juneau, AK
Dead Heart by Alyvia P., Strawberry Plains, TN
La Noche Que Nos Rodea by Shira H., Cheshire, CT
Alive on 495 by Hannah J., Bolton, MA
Here Where Time Floats as Pollen in Eddies by Hannah K., Texas, CA
These Hands by Joseph H., Minneapolis, MN
Don’t Control Your Emotions by Phillip H., Kensington, MD
Hello, Wintry Subway Car by Audrey M., Delaware, OH
Smells of No. 3, Dupree Dr., by Josie L., Lubbock, TX
The Dance by Bernice P., Burnaby, BC, Canada
Details by Erika C., Mountain Home, ID

Art and Photography Contest