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Contest Winners 2010-2011

Teen Ink Cover Contest Winners


EBSCO Points of View Contest

Ditch the Black-and-White TV by Erica M., Wexford, PA

Tainted Love by Devon K., Moraga, CA

Superstore Expansion by Sean M., Mars, PA

The Case of Stem Cell Research by Lauren Z., Phoenix, AZ

Hope for a Second Chance by Molly W., Houston, TX

How Technology Affects Us by Madison D., Houston, TX

Beauty vs. the Beast by Brielle B., Uniontown, OH

A Painful Obsession by Jonathan D., Cumberland, RI

Huck Finn by Andrew P., Portsmouth, VA

Armed and Less Dangerous by Nick M., Oak Lawn, IL


Fiction Contest

Making the River by Justin R., Lake Nebagamon, WI

Desiree by Katherine H., Gainesville, FL

Jane's List for Surviving Life by Madison D., Houston, TX

Kiril and I by Sara K., Fort Frances, ON, Canada

Barroom Politics by Paul D., Belleville, IL

Aquila by Haley G., Kirkland, WA

Life Support by Devin M., Jackson, MO


Nonfiction Contest

Cancer Never Had Me by Emily R., Burlington, VT

Over There by Robert K., Saint Augustine, FL

To Be a Superhero by Sara S., Cincinnati, OH

The Oldest Sister by Abby W., Defiance, OH

My Silent Teacher by Spencer J., Rye Brook, NY

Would someone please save the King? by Mark L., Los Altos, CA

A Mile From Bedlam by Rachele J., Hollywood, FL

My String Theory by Shamik M., Santa Cruz, CA

You Can Leave by Stephanie V., Milo, ME

We Are the Dreamers by Elena N., Fair Lawn, NJ

Grasshoppers by Crystal L., Cedar Hills, UT

I Carry by Kaitlyn K., Randolph, NJ

On the Outside by Danielle Z., Cincinnati, OH

Keeping Pikachu by Cara L., Suffern, NY

A Tale of Two Quarterbacks by Dan U., dublin, OH

For the Love of Baseball by Joyce P., Monterey Park, CA

Inspiring Memories by Tabby L., La Palma, CA

Hunting the Amyloid Protein by Olivia C., Tiburon, CA


Community Service Contest

Hats For Jenny by Leah S., Litchfield, NH

Puzzles to Remember by Max W., Natick, MA


Environment Contest

An Organic Idea by Mila J., Santa Margarita, CA

How You Can Save the Wetlands by Clay M., Chesterland, OH

Inward Bound by Emily D., Springfield, IL

Tracking the Spotted Ghosts by Daniel L., East Brunswick, NJ


Travel and Culture Contest

Alaska: The Lovely Cold by Joseph H., Minneapolis, MN

The Taj Mahal by Feroza F., Memphis, TN

Memories of Chamberlain, Maine by Eden G., Armonk, NY


Poetry Contest

Confession by Ameerah A., Rose-Hill, Mauritius

The Dictionary by Ebony J., Bridgeton, NJ

The History of Me by Rekara G., Silver Spring, MD

Oblivious by Emma H., New Canaan, CT

Haven of an Autumn Midnight by Jennifer C., Richland, WA

Reverie by Sabrina D., South Plainfield, NJ

Heartless by Undisclosed U., Rockville, MD

Earthworm Matrimony by Rachel E., Columbia, SC

Advice by Maddie L., Berkley, MA

Rough Hands Sow Seeds by Courtney J., Columbia, SC

Gardening by Nai L., Troy, MI

Life After War by Taylor R., carlisle, AR

Leaving Us Early by Michelle F., Sudbury, MA

You Feed me this English by Annemarie H., Whitehall, PA

Kids with children by Vanessa R., Dundee, NY

Lesser Creatures by Laura V., North Royalton, OH

You Had My Heart by Madeline W., Coats, NC

burrowed in my chest by Mady E., Bellingham, WA

Testing by Michaela A., Rochester, NY

Just Some Last Thoughts by Sarah R., Pelham, NY

Outsidesounds by Monique B., West Palm Beach, FL

slipping by Ashle S., dixon, IL

blatherskite., Annika V., Franklin, TN by

Puzzle Pieces of Memories by Mariah B., Craig, CO

Like Lightning by Isabel H., Bedminster, NJ

This is Enough by Kate M., Milford, MA

Memories by Kendrick Z., Haverhill, MA

the space between my hands and heart by Clarissa G., Worcester, MA

Chalk Houses by Ava R., Redmond, WA

Turtle's Life by Ross A., Andover, MA


Art and Photography Contest